I'm an Average Person-just like you

root - Posted on 06 March 2001

by Gio Willis-Barela

I'm an average person just like you. I have four wheels that's very
important to me too.

Yeah, I have a job that I have to work at to survive, but I have to go from
place to place in order to get by. My pay? Well, let's just say it's lower
than minimum wage.

My family and I we're uncomfortable at this stage. I'll take anything though
in order to feed my child. Some days we go without eating, period, I won't be
in denial.

We use our wheels to carry our cans and our bottles because "recycling is the key"that's our motto.

"Your house, Your clothes, how do you wash up? Where do you sleep?"

"Our bodies and our clothes are all washed in the same filthy, dirty

Nights that we can't get warm resting grounds, the concrete is where we sleep.

By now you probably figured out that our family are one in many who are
homeless, yes, homeless. Holding a sign ummm, people don't care.

One out of 10 cars may give me their change, the other 9 may or may not look at me, but, definitely will never share. Yes, we're homeless, there's no doubt, but all we depend on in this world is Jesus to help us out.


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