Dear President Obama...

root - Posted on 20 December 2009

by Marlon Crump/PNN

Dear President Barack Obama,

I am writing this message to you and your administration in regards to a matter of National Security, where bizarre incidental events are occurring upon ordinary American Citizens.

These incidents involve unknown subjects who target their victims, by the following terroristic tactics in a perverse attempt towards unrelenting intimidation of implementing fear:

.covert harassment

.electronic harassment

.directed energy weapons (DEWs)

.organized stalking

Such acts have been executed by these perpetrators for quite sometime. These acts are though covert, they are not immune from exposure, for these cases are featured on numerous websites.

Through extensive research and testimonies from the victims, I've discovered very disturbing factors regarding this situation. This covert terror involves members of various organizations that practice hate, members who are possibly prone to insecurities of settling disputes, and even members of law enforcement agencies, nationwide.

To my knowledge, there is a class action suit pending to represent members of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) an organization consisting of members who've been deeply impacted due to these acts.

In addition, there are support groups and counseling for victims who've been subsequently stalked and harassed.

I wrote an article online titled "Electronic Harassment" just two months ago. ( I intend to write a follow up article regarding covert actions in the very near future.

My objective for this message, Mr. President, is to raise absolute awareness to you and your administration regarding these acts of terror that should be swiftly prohibited, from occurring and/or disrupting ordinary people's lives.

Notwithstanding, all the victims who are constantly covertly harassed and intimidated are urgently pleading for those who are responsible of such acts must be held accountable to the very extent of the law.

I thank you for your time, in your acknowledgment(s) of this letter, Mr. President.


Marlon Crump

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