Ghetto to Gaza - M1 of Dead Prez speaks at POOR Magazine and Beyond

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

M1 of Dead Prez on the Ghetto to Gaza Speaking Tour - Speaks all over the Bay Area in Support of revolutionary media partners The SF Bayview and POCC Block Report

From East Oakland to West Oakland to Frisco...

7 pm- Sept 25th - 2940 16th street @ Capp st in Frisco

by Staff Writer

· Welcome M-1 of dead prez to the Bay Area – East and West Oakland, San Francisco, Sonoma, San Jose, Santa Cruz – for six days of sharing his recent experiences in Gaza, Cairo and Europe and comparing them with ghetto life in the U.S. – six events Sept. 24-29 benefiting the SF Bay View and Block Report Radio. Get ready for some explosive revelations! Get a foretaste with 24 hours in Gaza by M-1.


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