driving needles

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Noemi Martinez

driving needles

and still now

i wonder what has become of you

where you are

mom saved your last text

on her phone,

june of 08,

I left it there

see you on the

shadow of men on the street

is that you,

and can I spare some change


can i

wait to see your name

on the newspaper,

on the late night news

of some body found

identifying tattoos

I search them out

i am afraid of you

like i’m afraid

of being alone

at night, in the streets

i’m afraid for you

leaving before your time

that time, ten years ago

they held you in Elsa,

strapped to a chair

another deal gone wrong,

you told mom

they pissed on you-

are those the demons

that chase you

guns in your nightmares

we are lost, hermano


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