act three

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Noemi Martinez

you don’t smoke do you?

no parties?

no overnight stays.

no visiting relatives.

no party types.

you don’t smoke do you?

how many kids do you have?

they go to school right?

you don’t smoke do you?

no overnight stays.

i’ll walk through once a month.

no parties. no party types.

you do work, don’t you?

where do you work?

you can afford this, can’t you?

no other adults?

no, there are no rats.

I don’t care if you don’t have a social security.

the traps are cautionary.

ignore the dead roaches.

and the cracks in the walls.

the mold won’t make you sick.

the stains in the rug aren’t blood.

ignore the smoke stains.


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