Shifty Grifters

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Lola Bean

Yo shifty eyes be lookin side to side

Trying to find those lines and those rhymes

That yo sham hand can’t write

That yo sham life denies

You can’t spit nothin but lies

You can’t tell the dark from the light

You stand there while we do the fightin

Like you a baby in diapers

Youngster ain’t nobody buyin it

Why you even tryin?

Hand the mic over and sit silent

Wait what? You think you got something to say?

Cuz you read up on some book and downloaded nwa?

You think you can tell me the truth like you know the way?

Like you ain’t no fake?

Like you a general and I’m just tryin to keep pace?

Like you been there enuf times to know which road to take?

Baby, you wouldn’t know truth if it walked right up to you

Shone light in yo eyes and pulled blessings right through you

You aint’t got a taste for the struggle cuz it’s teeth haven’t bit you

Cuz when I’m out on the streets you at home sippin yoo-hoo

And when you had yo lunches saran-wrapped and packed by yo mama

I was tryin to make papers takin my top off

Or makin that drop off or getting those rocks off and scrubin that shit

But look at you - yo life’s been so soft

I came up takin fists

And you was handled just so soft

I climbed out suckin dicks

But yo path was just so soft

I can’t sleep cuz I’ll get bit

But yo pillow looks so soft

I got scars all over and shit

But yo skin it’s just so soft

And I got me a twitch

But yo steps they just so soft

Fool you can take them soft feet and just step the fuck right off

Cuz the shit yo be spittin is straight toxic its so off

Taking the truth then makin a spin-off

Wearin a sag tryin to hide that yo dicks small

Turnin hip-hop to grift-hop you lyrical jack-off

I’m comin hard baby so you best just back off

And keep on walkin til you right the fuck out our way

And let someone with truth get up on the stage

Someone with stories to show us the way

Someone with sight to grant us some grace

Someone in the struggle that ain’t so two faced

Awww, did that one cut? Am I crampin yo style?

This bastard girl unowned and run wild

Fist in the air fightin for survival

Ya I guess I’m a headache cuz you just small minded

We fight to survive while you just sit there bitchin

Bout how all that stress is just to much fo yo melon

Ya I bet yo dome be splittin

Damn , sweetie, I bet yo brains be illin

We burn full blaze while you barely flickerin

We walkin timebombs and you aint even tickin

You tappin yo feet but you aint tryin to feel it

You was just lookin for our stories to be stealin

For our worries to be pimpin

For our glories to be reapin

Pimp, you ain’t got nothing worth feelin

You can stop with that shit - I ain’t tryin to hear it

I aint got time for this bullshit

I’m fightin the fronlines you just out there frontin

I’m bringin up soldiers you aint bringin up nothin

I’m protecting the light you lettin the dark in

I’m crawling my way out and you tryin to get in

I roll deep in the struggle you don’t know where to begin

I’m tellin my story - you lyin with yo pen

You got caught and I’m tellin my kin

You ain’t one of us – you one of them.


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