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root - Posted on 01 January 2000

CW Nevius is profiling poor folks again for corporate media gain

by Brother Y/PNN

Apparently the devious one is at it again.

The deviant one being none other than devious Nevious the San Francisco Chronicles

Resident master of misinformation or should I just say liar?

No matter how you slice it the truth is seldomly anywhere near Nevious.

His latest pack of lies is once again directed towards the residents of Golden Gate Park

Located in the scenic and as of late classist section of San Francisco known as the Haight.

Well as I have stated on many occaisions thereis a reason they call it the Haight,the hate!

Anyhow in the devious ones latest rants he still attacks the needle exchange and in the same breath admits that there are not nearly as many stray needles due to the valiant effort of the volunteers of this organization.

Further more he continues to label the neighborhood recycling center “an a.t.m. for the homeless.”

Who is it that he is trying to impress anyhow, a bunch of bigotted intolerant 5 year old’s?

Because after all even the average 8 year old knows that in order to withdraw money from an a.t.m. money must be deposited in the bank to begin with.

The homeless in G.G.P. and impoverished recyclers in any part of the city have paid their “dues” or made their “deposits” in general time and time again in every way possible.

Not very long ago recyclers could not receive the full deposit price of bottles or cans but instead had to settle for pennies on the dollar for payment because recycle companies circumvented the California deposit law and made payment by weight not volume.

The poor recyclers must dig through the garbage of others and come across only God knows what to reap a meager wage that will afford them a meal or 2 at Mcdonalds

[again the devious trips over another of his lie’s only to speak the truth] and or alcohol

and or other drug at least according to Devious

Imagine that people having a strong enough work ethic to feed themselves and pay for their own vices!

Can you say independence?

Last I checked all paper U.S. currency states “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private”.

To put it another way what people do with their money is their own business. [as in mind your own business! And incidently one of the great slogans of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step organizations that help people overcome substance abuse problems is “live and let live” In other words mind your own business! If you don’t like it call your sponsor and by the way before you call your sponsor be sure to mind your own business!

The thing that is the most obvious to me is inspite of the fact that the Chronicle is in the red they are still able to pay the deviant one enough money for him to follow each and everyone of the recyclers around to see what and where they eat as well as what their particular vices are!

Unfortunately the fact that Nevious and other intolerants [they are such unfortunates!] forget about or choose to ignore is that upto 30% of the homeless in San Francisco are disabled American Veterans,many of whom “killed for their country”were willing to die for it and suffered many physical, emotional and mental injuries post traumatic stress disorder not being the least of them

Yet according to Nevious {and apparently mayor Gavin Newsom who just recently pushed a bill through to make it illegal for anyone beside big business recycling companies to sort through recycling bins on the street in San Francisco] shouldn’t have the right to hustle up enough money to get the images of death burning and bombed villages temporarily out of their minds.

The big whopping lie that Nevious tells that probably not be obvious to the average square is his claim that during a recent stroll through G.G.P. is dozens of people running up to him offering to sell him marijuana and crack.

According to him when offering “nuggs” or “nuggets” this is slang for crack.

The only similarity between crack and “nuggets” is they are both listed as schedule #1 drugs. How utterly unfair for the poor nuggs! After all nugges is jus a slang word for marijuana buds, so named because oft times the many faceted bud nodules resemble gold nuggets! Remember this is San Francisco where the gold rush began.

Don’t take my word for it though look it up for yourself on wikapedia.

After you do don’t mind your own business, tell Nevious to take a hike somewhere far away from Golden Gate Park though, seems like everytime he walks through there he sticks his foot in it!

‘Nuff said

Brother Y!


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