Formal Education Scam

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

POOR Magazine Stands in Solidarity with Student Protestors While Condemning the Overt Move to Rich People Only Formal Institutions of Learning

by tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, Daughter of Dee

In light of the recent protests by students on campuses across califas to the proposed %32 tuition increases- POOR stands in solidarity with the students - but we also want to remind you all as you struggle for justice – and take batons and other weapons of capitalism – to remember that formal institutions of learning are only one form of knowledge that has unfairly cornered the market as the only form of valid education while on our stolen land and with our stolen resources.

And formal institutions of learning have been for rich people from the beginning , and when us poor people get in – its by way of crumbs being thrown or begged for ( aka scholarships) and/or loans that indebt us to them for the rest of our life- for the sole privilege of attending their "universities".

So we at POOR urge you all on to contunue that fight – but also to encourage you to re-think education itself- and its racist , classist separatist tests and studies and obstacles – and that you are all welcome to come through to POOR Magazine’s Peopelskool which begins its winter semester with a knowledge and art exchange we call Mercado de cambio on December 16th at POOR Magazine - see below for more info.


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