Its KripMas- Karols Re-Mixed!

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

Its KRipMas - by Leroy Moore

by Leroy Moore, Darla Lennox, Maria Palacios, Zilwood, Tiny

It’s Kripmas

(My Krip-Hop Kripmas Karol)

It’s that time of season

Where we give for no reason

Liberal hearts are bleeding

It happens once a year

Strangers in shelters

Cooking our last super

Share in the Kripmas Guilt

A toast with eggnog & milk

Make it last cause its cold outside

Where many live throughout the year

Kids can’t hide from Jake Frost

And folks walk by holding their nose

Pretending not see or hear

Santa Claus dress up in a three piece suit

Making deals with the Grinch

Who stole the real spirit of Christmas?

Was it Alan Greenspan?

Kripmas guilt is not enough

For landlord’s hands

It’s Kripmas

Nursing homes, physic wards & prisons

Holiday bonuses to CEOs

States issuing out IOUs

Layoffs at NPICs

My nephews know their ABCs

Spelling out NO JUSTICE

Tears frozen like ice

Have to grow up fast

No talking reindeers

No fat man coming down the chimney

Standing in line for charity

Wearing the mask for media

So thankful this season

It’s Kripmas

Smile for the camera

Now give to the needy

Pulling on the heartstrings

It’s a tactic use by Jerry Lewis

It just went corporate & sang by musicians

Band Aid spreading throughout the world

Singing “Do They Know Its Christmas Time?”

Feed the world…” but only for one day

It’s Kripmas

So share the guilt this season

Like every year at this time

Roll out the red carpet

Pull out the cameras

And fill your heart with pity

It’s Kripmas time

It’s Kripmas time

Thank God its once a year


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