Twas The Night Before Capitalismas...

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

By Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia

by Leroy Moore, Darla Lennox, Maria Palacios, Zilwood, Tiny

Capitalismas Def: Holiday created by capitalists who appropriated multiple pagan and indigenous celebrations and "changed" the birthdate of a revolutionary who cared for gente pobre (Jesus Christ) all in pursuit of consumer-based profits

Twas' the night before capitalistmas

And all thru the house

not a product was stirring

not a PC nor its mouse

The children were nestled

all snug in their beds –

while visions of corporate-fueled gang violence
covert army videos and fetishized

danced in their head

Mama slathered

in the newest skin rejuvenation
cream to be competitive in the gender wars

and Papa dreaming of the an on-line date

he just might score

When out on the lawn

there arose such a clatter –

the family sprung from the bed to see what was
the matter –

it was the marshal to deliver a summons to take
back their title and render them homeless cause
since dad had lost his job - they couldn't keep up
the payments

As the marshal gave the family one last kick and
a push they were secure in knowing it was all
cause of Citigroup, BofA, AIG and their rich
corporate friends

Warm and cosy all tucked in their beds
dreaming of the rich getting richer, the poor left
for dead….


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