Its Xmas and We're Stressed Yes!

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

Zilwood/United Kingdom

by Leroy Moore, Darla Lennox, Maria Palacios, Zilwood, Tiny

Its X-mas, and we'r stressd yes, cus we'r the financially weak Brits/_But at least students wont be outside the University handing me Leaflets/__And Pointless flyers/ for "great" bargain buyers/ _Taxi Hires/and free drink coupons that you cant use cus there liers/_But it's that time of year t...hat always tiers/ __Where Mass corporations enslave december/ _"Holidays Are Coming" is now Coca-Cola's Agenda/_and the meaning of Xmas is to get pissed up on the Bender/_and stuffed with that Turkey so Tender/

Zillwood from London, England (Christmas 2009)


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