KripMas Karol Submissions

root - Posted on 01 January 2000

Krip-Hop Nation & Poor Magazine Presents Krip-Hop Kripmas Karol 2010-2011

by Leroy Moore, Darla Lennox, Maria Palacios, Zilwood, Tiny

Krip-Hop Kripmas Karol will be an international project and that means artists, writers, poets and musicians with disabilities and allies from around the world are welcome to send in their pieces.

Kripmas Karols form Around the World by artists, poets & musicians with disabilities and allies. Throughout 2010 Krip-Hop Nation will be asking for more poets, writers and musicians with disabilities to send their poems, songs lyrics, jingles etc to us to make a small pamphlet for the 2010 Holiday season. This is why, how it will work and what we’re looking for:

Why: Every Holiday season (December) mainstream media uses a charity frame to make people give and most of the times it is people who are poor, elderly and people with disabilities that are caught up in this frame with no voice. We have all seen it: “Serving the Homeless!” or “Toys for the Disabled!” And the list\framing goes on. So Poor Magazine & Krip-Hop Nation wants to help in taking back that frame with our own Christmas carols what we call Kripmas Karols. You don’t have to be a person with a disability to be involved with this project but u do need to spit/write some activist lyrics, poems, jingles ect.

What to submit: Original poems, songs, jingles, short stories with an hardcore activist message about the ways we are used as pity and charity during the holiday season are welcome. The goal is to flip the pity/charity message with our own Christmas carol, song, poem, story and whatever. Email them to Leroy Moore at Although this project will be ongoing there are two deadlines: 1) The end of Jan. 2010 to promote through the Internet to get more artists and (2) September 2010 to go to print for the 2010 Holidays. Krip-Hop Nation will try to send each artist a copy of the small pamphlet. The pamphlet will be used for education purposes and not for sale. Your rights to your piece stays with you and you can publish your piece elsewhere. Krip-Hop Nation only ask if you do publish your piece elsewhere just to mention it was printed for Krip-Hop Kripmas pamphlet of 2010. With your permission Krip-Hop Nation & Poor Magazine would like to also post your Krip-Hop Kripmas Karols on social network sites like Face book, MySpace and on Poor Magazine Site.

If you’re down then drop me an email at Include your name, title of the piece, your email address and date when the piece was written and where are you located.


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