root - Posted on 02 April 2001

Ken Moshesh

by Ken Moshesh

Ken Moshesh



Ken Moshesh-Staff Writer/Poverty Hero/ Poet

Artist, writer, dancer, percussionist and poet, was born into poverty in West Oakland. The oldest of eleven children, his was a family always "on the precipice" of struggle and survival. After graduating from Oakland Technical school with honors and going on to be the only black student in a private business school, he became a member of the Black Panthers through the "Neighborhood Youth Corps" under the foremen; Bobby Seale and Huey Newton. After going on to receive his degree at UC Berkeley in education, subsequently teaching and being involved in the third world strikes of 1969, a series of circumstances led him to fall far into the "cracks," of society and in the 80's he became homeless on the streets of Berkeley. Ken is a poverty survivor and an accomplished artist and we are proud to honor him as a POVERTY HERO at PoorNewsNetwork.


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