root - Posted on 09 April 2001

Joseph Bolden

by Joseph Bolden

Joseph Bolden




Joseph Bolden-Staff Writer/Columnist/Photographer (Ask Joe, He Don't Know)

Born, New York City 1954. Move to California 1968 Lab and librarian aide.Graduated from Berkeley High School 1973, some Jr. College, Business Math,Home Health Aide,Computer Classes.Worked as a Security Guard, Food Service Assistant (Oakland/Berkeley and San Francisco) California.Certified Nurse Assistant/Dietary Aide. Jobless, Homeless 1989 (job burnout) In-out of shelters 1991. 1994 Learned Photography, Environmental Art, painting, some sculptor, silk-screening also began limited photo-journalism for Poor Magazine full time. Learning e-mail, photocopy, Illustrator, Quark Graphic Programs. Have an eclectic column ranging from the global economy, life extension and beyond, and stuff in-between space/time/mind travel and Bio, Robo, and Nanotechnologies expressly by and for working poor and homeless and recently homeless people. Ultimate goals: Write novels, invest in my personal future, live as long as I want not as nature intended.


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