Not Even in Therapy: Ruyata McGlothin's first book of poetry shares his struggle with poverty and racism.

POOR correspondent - Posted on 18 June 2010

Marlon Crump/ReViewsfortheReVolution
Tuesday, November 6, 2007;

Within this wonderful universe created by God, lies creativity, art, writing, poetry, love and harmony, and, as well, Satan, greed, crime, corruption, poverty, famine, war, terror, global kkkolinization, and pain. However, luckily in this world there are certain souls that have the ability to share stories of recovery from the pain faced in these battles of good and evil and even induce healing in others.

One such soul is recent POOR Press author Ruyata A. McGlothin, a.k.a RAM. A poverty scholar, po' poet, digital resistor and father, Ruyata, in the process of healing from his own struggles, took a significant step towards recovery by crafting his pain into beautiful poetry.

His debut book, entitled Not Even in Therapy Part 1: Recovering Poetically, gives readers a glimpse into a young man's therapeutic recovery, from a life of crime, drugs, temptation, violence and incarceration, towards a path of healing and devotion to his family, friends, supporters, and God.

Sixteen poetically eloquent tales of Ruyata's struggles not only captivate the readers' emotional mind, body, and soul, but also critically analyze the role of poverty, capitalism, crime, and system corruption in today's society.

Ruyata's book tells of his ongoing battle against numerous oppressive forces. Powerful verses such as, "My tough skin feels so scraped my shell is crusty as a crape. My mindfulness meditates my mentally raped. I have to counsel my therapist, and I don't feel safe," brilliantly convey the author's struggle against his own inner demons.

Most are traditionalized and structured to dig in their pockets, to pay for the average psychiatrist/therapist to tunnel through the disastrous dungeons of their troubled minds, with hopes of "recovery." Ruyata revolts against this false belief with Not Even in Therapy Part 1 Recovering/Poetically. using a simple pen and piece of paper mentoring our own minds to recover for our own selves, poetically........not just in therapy.



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