Look At What The Corporate Media Didn't Show You: Thousands of Americans protest the corporate media supported war

POOR correspondent - Posted on 23 June 2010

Joseph Laqua Youth in the Media Intern and Tiny/PNN
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Faces….. "This war is not now nor has ever been in our name"
Flow like rivers into Downtown Frisco, LA, Washington and NYC …..
thump..boom taca boom thump…. drum beats for peace in each and every cit-eee

"red paint smeared on unclothed protestors "
this is how war looks like
their faux blood says
And I breathe in resistance…
For I know now it is not only me

Exhaling for one moment
as I am surrounded by the possibility that everyone is not now nor has ever been ok
with an overwritten science fiction story penned by drug store tabloid authors and disgruntled
insurance salesmen by the names of GeeW.Bush and Mr. Chain-eeee

And the lies filter through corporate airwaves – licking the corners of an intentionally numb America –

Certain that oblivious imperialistic perfection will continue unfettered
Untouched - that money and capital will flow through the barren trees
That fish will swim through polluted waters
That humans will live, grow and BUY no matter if they can’t breathe
no matter if they die

Because, like I was told by a salivating capitalist; even in death you are a consumer
even in death
you can buy....

This has never been in our name by Tiny/Po’ Poets Project

Thousands of people swarmed into downtown San Francisco this weekend as part of the Not in our Name resistance movement, in tandem with several thousand folks in Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles. The turnouts in each city were large and powerful. Locally it included the sounds of youth from the Mission district with the amazin’ Loco Bloco, as well as scholars, activists, poets and artists; Rev Cecil Williams, DJ Malik, Yuri Kochiyama, Ismael Manur, Boots from The hip hop group The coup and many more amazin’ folks.

As I walked away from the minions of strong voices resisting this absurd call for"war" I wondered if these thousands of people would ever be properly "heard" through the corporate media filters, I remembered the voice of Davy D who had spoken at the rally, "Watch what the corporate media doesn’t show you..watch and listen"



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