One Year Later...The Police review commission held accountable for doing nothing about the Thurgood Marshall High School attacks

POOR correspondent - Posted on 23 June 2010

Tiny/PNN Tuesday, October 21, 2003 "We have been demanding justice for one year " Eric Mar , member of the San Francisco School Board was almost screaming into a small crowd gathered on the steps of the San Francisco police station at 850 Bryant The crowd was somber as if part of death march - the death of justice, perhaps. The silent gathering held signs that demanded answers.. pled for justice…. 369 days still no answers Protection or Oppression- SFPD? One year ago on October 11th, members of the San Francisco Police Department responded to a call that there was a fight between students at Thurgood Marshall High School. When they arrived, they escalated a small situation with violence, and severely brutalized many innocent students. They also arrested one teacher, Anthony Peebles, for video taping the police brutality and abuse. The press conference began with the plaintive words of Malaika Parker of Bay Area Police Watch, " We’re here one year later to ask the Police Commission why they never held the community meeting they had promised to the Bay-view Hunters Point Community " Eric Mar continued with the force of a determined warrior, " Many of the students were arrested and detained as well as a teacher and only with the help of many of the grassroots organizations present here - all the charges were dropped." Eric went on to say that as well as the grassroots organizations coalescing over this issue he felt that it was imperative to support Prop H which among other things would help to hold the police department accountable for their actions. In the several times I have encountered the police it was for what I call crimes of poverty - arguably several crimes in a capitalist society could fit this description, but in almost every one of my arrests I was terrorized by the fact that the police who have way too much power over what happens to the lives of all people, and more specifically what happens to poor people, people of color, youth and women are acting without any oversight. "Basically, this comes down to accountability, the police have not been accountable to the community for years..Jeremiah Jeffries from Teachers4Change was speaking slowly with a steadfast gaze towards justice," This was just a flashpoint. Thurgood Marshall was just a perfect example of the relationship between the police department and the community of the Bayview Hunters Point as well as in general with Black people in the City. The police need to be held accountable and when they abuse their power they should lose their badge." Jeremiah continued, " it is a privilege to be a police officer, and its one that the community gives, with Proposition H we aren't going to give that so freely, we are going to put people on a commission who a re really gonna hold the police accountable.." As Jeremiah spoke my eyes moved from one silent sign-holder to the other - it is only justice that we are asking for. With Proposition H maybe justice has a chance.


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