Porque vine ala marcha?/Why did I March? May 1st In San Francisco and Oakland

POOR correspondent - Posted on 30 June 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

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    Why did I march? because I did not know my people were hurt so badly, said Luis Angel, 7, from Oakland, California Luis told me his reasons for participating in the May 1st march for immigrant rights in Oakland as I was interviewing his sister Pricilla who is 14 years old. We so-called adults sometimes lose focus on the people most affected by the racist and unjust laws that are imposed on our migrants communities, and very often young people are not heard, i.e., the ones who suffer most if a parent is deported or a family broken apart due to these immigration laws.

   In POOR Magazine we practice multi-generational organizing where the voices of youth is validated as much as the voices of adults. With Arizona's SB1070 law not only will it legalize the racial profiling of brown folks, but it would separate families, for the parents might not be here legally.

   Which brings up the question, who is legal or illegal in this stolen land? And who is undocumented? When Europeans arrived here they did not present legal documentation papers to Native Americans or indigenous peoples from the global south. I believe here in the United States of America a new consciousness needs to be developed by all so called Americans. A recognition that no matter how many generations you personally can trace back, not only did your ancestors come here illegally but many of them massacred native people and built your empires in this country by oppressing and enslaving black and brown people.

  In this month of May recognized by the May 1st marches and Cinco de Mayo, a massive amount of imported products from Mexico are being consumed and a lot of profit is generated by corporations with the dollars that we as migrants people create by working and remitting our money to our families left behind in our homelands!!! It is time to realize that we hold power not only with our dollars but with our numbers, the reality is that Latino people are becoming the majority in some states of the United Snakes of Amerikkka We can't change the Past but we can Change the Future.




      Porque vine ala marcha Es porque no sabia que mi gente estaba haciendo afectada, Luis angel un joven de siete años de Oakland comento cuando estaba entrevistando a su hermana Pricilla de 14 años, Les preguntaba porque participaron en la marcha de Oakland. A veces nosotros como adultos perdemos enfoque de los juvenes que son los mas afectados por estas leyes racistas que no solo separan a familias, por no tener documentacin adecuada.

   En Prensa Pobre nosotros praticamos multi-generaciones y ponemos atencin en lo que los ni os y juvenes tienen que opinar. Con la ley introducida en Arizona SB 1070 no solo lo hará legal el discriminar a gente de color, pero tambien separara a familias, que a la mejor los padres no estan aqua legalmente, pero quien es legal en este paiz que fue robado, y quien es indocumentado cuando los Europeos llegaron sin presentar papeles a los Nativos Americanos y a la gente indigena de las Americas. Yo creo que en los Estados Unidos de Amerikkka necesitamos una nueva conciencia, por que la verdad aunque haigas nacido en Amrikkka tus ancestros si no eres Indigena de las Americas vinieron de otra parte del mundo, y si vinieron de Europa lo mas problablemente es que masacraron y usaron la esclavitud para formar esta nacion.

   En este mes de Mayo donde es reconocido por el Primero de Mayo y por las celebraciones del Cinco De Mayo, donde consumimos productos mexicanos en una cantidad grandisima y corporaciones hacen miles de dólares de los inmigrantes no solo en eso pero el dinero que le mandamos a nuestros seres queridos que dejamos atras!!! Es tiempo que reconozcamos el poder economico que tenemos, y reconocer que muy pronto seremos la mayoria en California. No podemos cambiar el Pasado pero podemos cambiar el Futuro.

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