Poema para pachamama/Poem for Mother Earth 2010: Marlon Crump's Poem

POOR correspondent - Posted on 30 June 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sun you clouded, the Sons you ousted

It was all here for you to feast

But you shared your crops and lives, even died for the nature of the beast.

fruit from the poisonous tree

Replaced by sons hung who grew land

Every single seed in it sad, sullen, and

Seething by the misdeeds, and acts of man

Seeds of man, seeds of woman

stricken with sicknesses to slow death

Health in the greeds, in the hands of wealth

The sun you clouded, the sons you ousted

Round ray of light for existence,

in great peril from the fires ignited

The focus on souls bearing no leisure, or shelter

Ones who have fear of even being sighted

The sun you clouded, the sons you ousted

Pacha Mama surrounded by surrounded by sorrow,

Wondering if voice to the voiceless, land of the landless,

Be here tomorrow.

A hand or hands carrying a pail of water, a loaf of bread,

A flowerpot, a band-aid for bondage, a pen, and a piece of paper

To note of………..the sun you clouded, the sons you ousted.

“Blaming Pacha Mama for your lack of self only leads back to lack of self.” Marlon Crump, April 25th, 2010.


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