Natives Celebrate Olympic Failure

POOR correspondent - Posted on 02 July 2010

The Native Youth Movement (NYM) is Native Peoples Liberation Movement, fighting for our People, our Land, and our way of Life.The Native Youth Movement is in the midst of becoming a Grand Council of Young and Old (Veteran/Battle Tested) Warriorz alike. A Warriorz Society with the Young Warriorz serving as the Physical protectors, and the O.G.s (Original Guerrillas) as the Advisor Warriorz, giving direction through lessons, age old teachings, previous battles, and from the Spirits and our Ancestors, who have passed on this responsibility of defending our Indian way.

Native Youth Movement
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Native Youth Movement

Statement to the Universe

War for Land and Freedom continues…

Indigenous Peoples are celebrating Worldwide after claiming victory over the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Invaders were warned not to enter our Lands and now they are to blame for the “worst Olympic games ever”. For the first time there is no natural snow in the host Olympic city, which sits on un-surrendered Indigenous Territories. 20,000+ tickets had to be refunded after the cancellation of many events because of no snow. A Georgian luger athlete's name now stands alongside Harriet Nahanee and millions of other life forms that were killed for the Olympics. The bad outcome can be seen as a small taste to what awaits any investors, companies or civilian invaders* who enter Indigenous Territories.

Why we must Fight

Indigenous Objectives

We fight for Land and Freedom. The struggle for our Lands and way of life remains the exact same as when Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Tecumseh and Tupac Amaru were alive. The only thing different is the minds, the physical reality is that another group of humans are still imposing their beliefs and will on our Indigenous Peoples and Lands at gunpoint. Our Lands are occupied by invaders, raped for profit, war, entertainment and human comfort. The invaders have not stolen our land, the land is still here, under concrete or not, it remains, and as long as we remain we will fight to expel all invaders who destroy or seek to destroy it.

The invasion and continued occupation of our Indigenous Lands is not simply just another issue, it is the root cause of all problems. This occupation of our Lands must be the focus of education and discussion. If you are Native we need to constantly ask ourselves how do we get the invaders to de-occupy our Lands and rid our Mother Earth of these evil parasites. If you are a supporter you must ask yourself who’s Indigenous Territory you are illegally occupying and how can you help with the de-occupation of Native Lands by invaders? That should be our focus if you say you want to help the problems then address the root cause of what is actually causing the problems, which is this fake man-made colonial system of existence. This is not Canada, America, Mexico, or any other fake European neo-colonial country. Just as our allies world-wide are fighting to expel civilian, industrial and military colonialists from their lands, so are we.

They fear the Unity of Indigenous Peoples so much they denied representatives from dozens of Indigenous Nations ability to attend the Indigenous Peoples Assembly (hosted by the Secwepemc Nation in so-called British Columbia, KKKanada) and the 2010 Convergence, all because of a fake line put to divide our people. No matter what they attempt we cannot be stopped—our thoughts and prayers helped to make sure there was no snow and the Olympics were a sloppy failure at best. A message to the world was sent: We do not want mining, resorts, dams, power lines, highways, railways, cities, deep sea ports, fish farms, garbage dumps, industrial parks or any invasion military or civilian, in our lands which cause massive destruction to our Territories.

While KKKanada tried to show the world they are our friends, the Okanagan Nation set up a roadblock to defend their lands from logging destruction.

Only an hour away from Whistler, an Olympic venue, sits a new village, Sutikalh, established almost 10 years ago in the mountains of the St’at’imc Nation, to stop a $550-million ski-resort from being built into some of the last untouched pristine alpine valleys.

In the Tahltan Nation, a camp has been established to stop Shell Oil from drilling into their Sacred Lands, the Headwaters of 3 of the biggest Salmon bearing rivers left in the World.

The Secwepemc continue their decade long fight with sun peaks ski-resort, stopping Mining in the Headwaters of the Adams River watershed, which is, home to the largest sockeye salmon spawning grounds in the western hemisphere, as well as protecting sacred burial grounds from Trans Canada highway and CP railway expansions.

The Wet'suwet'en are fighting to stop two major pipelines from being built through their territory, as well protecting their Lands from mining and logging.

The Haudenosaunee People, a Six Nation Confederacy of the Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Tuscarora and Mohawk are relentlessly confronting encroachment, destruction and occupation of their lands.

Algonquins of Barrie Lake are fighting to stop logging in their Territory and save their water and way of Life.

Dene Nation is fighting the largest Industrial project in the history of humanity and the most destructive process known to man-kind, the Tar Sands.

Mayan People are fighting KKKanadian mining companies while villages are being destroyed and Indigenous Peoples assassinated daily.

In Grassy Narrows, Annishinabe have been fighting logging for years, halting their operations. In Northern Ontario, Annishinabe are also fighting mining from destroying the still pristine boreal forest.

Indigenous Peoples in the Amazon are also fighting KKKanadian mining and oil exploration having major clashes resulting in the massacre over 30 Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples are fighting back with 24 police officers impaled and killed with Indigenous spears. Awajun and Wampis Peoples detained five employees from the Canadian mining company IAMGOLD, which did not have any authorization to enter their territory.

Lakota, Indigenous Peoples in South Dakota, so-called united states is continuing the fight for their Sacred Black Hills and to stop a KKKanadian mining company from drilling uranium in the Heart of Mother Earth.

Indigenous Land Fighters, coast to coast were targeted and harassed by integrated Olympic security unit (that has unified all military and police forces throughout KKKanada) for years prior to the Olympics. The head of Olympics security is Bud Mercer, the notorious redneck Indian hater who was an ERT (emergency response team) member that tried to blow up Indian people with a land mine. The explosion kicked off a shoot-out which saw the police (including mercer) shoot an excess of 77,000 rounds of ammunition trying to kill Secwepemc people in their own ceremonial grounds (Gustafsen Lake, 1995). This was the largest RCMP operation in KKKanadian history.

Indigenous Peoples from the Nations of the St’at’imc, Squamish, Secwepemc, Haida, Helsik, Mohawk, Tuscarora, Onondoga, Halkomelem, Mi’kmaq, Ktunaxa, Cree, Annishinabe, Kwakiutl, Tsimshian, as well as Indigenous Peoples from Oaxaca and other areas of so-called Mexico, and countless supporters have been the target of their billion dollar Olympic security budget. In an effort to intimidate and scare Indigenous peoples from fighting for our Lands. Fear tactics are of no use, we are over 500 years deep into this Resistance, we only continue to get stronger, we will never surrender or fall for their threats, lies or rumors. The man-made empires of the world are collapsing before our eyes. The fall of the white-man’s world is imminent.

We do not seek pity or recognition from the white-man, it is us who have the power of recognition and there is only one thing we recognize, that this man-made system is an enemy of all life and we will never stop fighting until it is rid from our beautiful lands. Our land is not for sale!

We Stand in Solidartiy with the People and Lands the Olympics will be Invading next, London and Sochi, we know the resistance will grow. We Stand in full Alliance with the Indigenous People of Tabasco fighting for their lands and against a massive 2010 colonial celebration in the south. To the brothers and sisters of the Tuhoe Nation, we send our War Cry of Unity to all of you fighting and being forced into the illegal white-mans court, you will be freed. Drop all charges of JR Valrey. To Gloria Arenas and Jacobo Silva we are elated to hear of your release from behind enemy lines, we demand the same for Leonard Peltier, John Graham, the prisoners in Atenco and Oaxaca, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Russell Maroon Shoats, the Move 9, Mapuche Warriors, and all those they fear, we look forward to meeting with you on the battlefield in unity against our collective enemies.

Indigenous Peoples, our Warriors of fighting age are the majority once again. We send our militant embrace to the Zapatistas, the Mapuche, Dineh, Kuna, Seminole, Nuxalk, Gitksan, Taino, Maori, Nasa, the Warriors of West Papau, Indigenous Peoples of the Philippines, and all Indigenous Peoples of the World fighting the enemies of the Earth. Let us Unite with the Plants, Animals, Wind, Sun, Air, Water and all Creation in a Warriors Alliance to fight for Life.

We are Earths’ Army.
We will not stop until we Win.
We will never surrender.
Warriors Unite.

Native Youth Movement, Society of Warriors

Un-surrendered Mountains of the Northwest

So the United States is a "fake European neo-colonial country," is it? Well I hate to tell you this, but the US, Canada, Mexico, etc., came into being by kicking indigenous butt. It was a long and hard-fought struggle, but in the end, the Europeans won.
Your fantasy of "fighting to expel civilian, industrial and military colonialists" has about as much basis in fact as the claim that that snow failed to fall at the Olympics out of solidarity with your cause.
Go ahead and be militant, if it makes you feel good, but please realize that your words have no bearing on reality.


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