Felicita Pedroza - Poverty Scholar and Boriqua Poet: A Poem

POOR correspondent - Posted on 02 July 2010

Felicita Pedroza
Saturday, March 13, 2010


I want to blast the resonance of your voice to dance on your lips
I want to jump on your breast and glide down to your hips
Let me unwind on your cheeks and leap over your pores
Let me dwell deep within your heart’s core

I want to bathe in the flush of your cheeks
I want to be your valor when you feel weak
Let me roll around on your tongue
Let me breathe my passion into your lungs

I want to climb up your spine
I want to leave traces of kisses behind
Let me taste your neck and collarbone
Let me transport you into what I call home

I want to experience the tenderness of your skin
I want to rest on your mind and sink in
Let me hold your body and feel every part
Let me reside deep in your heart

I want to stroll up your extended sleek legs
I want to give you all.
You won’t have to beg Let me savor your wholesome thighs
Let me inhale you until I’m at my high

I want to stroke every wisp of hair
I want to hoard every moment we share
Let me prove my affections through physical contact
Let’s get intimate; who knows, you might like that


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