(SWP) Sitting While Poor: The people resist criminalization of poor peoples with Sit-Lie Laws

POOR correspondent - Posted on 02 July 2010

Ruyata Akio McGlothlin & tiny/PNN
Monday, March 1, 2010;

The War on the poor is in full effect
but now the soldiers are social workers,
po'lice and politicians
creating deadly legislations
and contracts...tiny 2006

"Harvey Milk fought the first sit/lie laws in the 1960's, " Tommi Avicolli-Mecca spoke to the crowd that gathered in front of City Hall on Monday to resist the newest institutional hate of houseless people to hit California, the Sit -lie ordinance.

The Sit-Lie law would make it illegal to sit or lie down in business districts of San Francisco. These laws aren't new, in fact, like Tommi pointed out they are very old. Replicated over and over in history to figure out new and different ways to get rid of poor people though incarceration.

PNN's Leroy Moore introduced us to Susan Schweik's book on the Ugly laws, the nineteenth century unsightly beggar ordinances, whose dynamics--harsh policing, systematized suspicion, and structural and institutional repulsion of poor people and people with disabilities share similar traits to today's criminalizing policies like the Sit lie ordinances.

My brother and co-writer, Ruyata Akio McGlothlin tried to sit in City Hall and speak against this proposed legislation and was subjected to a Sitting While Black and Poor experience in the auditorium. Here is his Poetry Journalism report

the Haight district means to sit
thats how we started in the 60's fighting against that bullshit
like yesterday I went to City Hall
room 250 was filled with white cops but that wasn't all
I saw a spot but they wouldn't let me sit down
he said "That's the Chief's seat", but he was up there on the stand
so I took a little walk clear across the room
"That's the Chief's seat"; in other words nigger boy you must make room
"How can the Chief have two seats and he's up on the stand
than a Sheriff grabbed my arm from behind; he did not grab my hand
"Get yo fucking hands off of me."
four cops stood up quick and I was like
"I'm outta here G."
We can not protest in courts we are not allowed to be
I think it was intricately set up by the freaking police....RAM 2010

As poor peoples and peoples of color, living in racist and classist Amerikkka sitting, standing, convening and/or soliciting work on land that we dont rent or own is an unspoken privilege deeming the migrant workers, houseless folks, persons living with a mental disability and/or unrecognized workers to an ongoing and unrelenting attack by po'lice and landowners.
The War on the poor
is in full effect
From Frisco to OAkland to the Phillipines and Iraq


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