CW: What does it stand for? Can't Write

POOR correspondent - Posted on 06 July 2010

A 4th Generation San Franciscan responds to CW Nevius' most recent attack on Houseless folks who seek sanctuary in the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco

Tony Robles/Special to PNN
Wednesday, September 19, 2007;

CW...i'm wondering what this stands for? Perhaps, "Can't Write?" At any rate, your article is filled with reactionary rhetoric and loads of manipulation. A homeless man who sees security guards as his family? Who are you kidding? Where are the homeless supposed to go? Are they at fault for the ills plaguing society--the wide gaps between rich and poor and the lack of accountability of big corporations? I guess it's the homeless that have gentrified San Francisco to the extent that they cannot afford to live here anymore.

Ironically, many of the homeless folks i know are native San Franciscans. One friend is a 6th generation San Franciscan who was sent to Vietnam and kicked around from job to job after bombing villages. He couldn't live with what he had seen and done and became homeless. I guess this was his fault as well.

The problem with you guys who write for the papers (and I’ve seen you on TV as well) is that you don't look as though you've missed many meals. You look exactly like the guys who got their asses kicked in high school. And now you run around with your positions and smug air of superiority while the real San Franciscans, the one's who've actually done something in this city, are having a very hard time or can't afford to live in this City at all. The folks in government and the press who represent us do not represent us at all. That's the problem.

So next time, point your righteous finger at the people who are really at fault--the politicians and developers and judges. If you call yourself a responsible journalist, then this should go without saying.


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