Peace Without Justice

root - Posted on 13 May 2001

by Don Eli

The Beast of Empire patrols

a silent Latin American night.

Another poet is disappeared.

A union organizer's dismembered body

floats quietly down the polluted stream.
Villagers cower behind curtains

drawn in dismayed isolation

as the palpable spell of fear grows.

And peace without justice prevails.

The midnight sky of South Central Los Angeles
is floodlit by circling helicopters

as police gun down a resisting citizen

caught driving while black.

Trembling children cling in terror

to skirts of mortified mothers.

And peace without justice prevails

The Whore of Empire proudly displays

her lit up Las Vegas, glittering with promise
as the glamour of lust is aroused.

Hapless citizens dream of their lucky night.
Entranced for a glorious moment

before humbly retreating

to their feathered cells.

TVs light up suburban living rooms

where fat gluttons are seduced

with visions of grandeur

while they struggle to catch their breath
after a hard day of slavery

disguised as the American dream.

Enthralled by images of a better tomorrow
they vote with their silence

And peace without justice prevails.


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