Mother and Child

root - Posted on 13 May 2001

by Jewnbug

Thirstin fo affection

cradle me next 2 mi momas womb

punches came like tremors

hard moving

hard restin

momas cryin

daddy almost killed me

young lady, no longer a baby

datin n matin

he’s beatin me daily

my child & me escapin

2 b beat bi another man

we r outkast in a land

runned bi vessels dat posses demons

dat justify me & mi child

livin on da streets

eatin scraps

washin up wit paypatowels in public baths

mi only means of livin

u call trash

Hey I ain’t no garbage!

but u r a garbage man

robbin me

rapin me

Why do u hate me?


me & mi child growin

without sunlight

without spring water

growin as one with eachother

child and mother.


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