Long Live NONOS

Leroy - Posted on 08 August 2010



Krip-Hop Nation: Tell us how did Nonos perform with his disability?

Mantis: Well living life with muscular dystrophy, couldn’t hardly move and keep himself up, he never performed on stage but I was able to teach him how
to produce Hip-Hop beats on his computer with a ACID MUSIC PROGRAM. He was able to pick up his own style in producing beats real quick within 3 or 4 months, and began to record in his room, where we try to give him his own studio atmosphere, he typed out his rhymes on the computer and record his lyrics to his beats he produced with other emcees! He made his own studio production called BEAT WRAP STUDIOS!

Krip-Hop Nation: Did the organization helped get Nonos’ music out there?

Mantis: we as his brothers and other close friends always try to put out his music on our own albums, pressed up some copies of his instro albums and sold out. Most of them were given out to family members and emcees by NONOS.  He just wanted people to bump his beats and enjoy his style.

Krip-Hop Nation:  Can you describe Nonos’ last  performance?

Mantis:  NONOS  never really got a chance to really get himself out there, he was always producing beats at home and recording what he can when he
can, it was the love for the music with him, with HIP-HOP , more underground style for him, just the fact for him that he was doing something he probably never thought he would do or even if he can do it. Knowing he can make dope beats was good for him, and it was something he created within him self!!!  HE LOVED BEING IN THE HIP-HOP CULTURE

Krip-Hop Nation:  How can people keep Nonos’ music alive?

Mantis: I am now collecting all of his music especially his beats, and will be exploding them to other talented artist, emcees to spit on his beats and having his name live on , with his name on albums for credit.  All of this will share his music with others, to inspire others like him to give them some hop and to let others know u can do anything if your hearts in it.

Krip-Hop Nation:  Do you think Nonos would be down with Krip-Hop Nation?

Mantis: If he knew this was around when he was alive he would have been all over it! he was always looking for ways to get his music out, to get people just to even hear his music, to be his name out there.   It’s good that u guys have something like this, the Hip-Hop culture has no color lines, and is for everyone, male and females, disabled or not !! So I also support organizations like Krip-Hop Nation. I am a certified graphic designer and if u guys ever need any help with any advertisement let me know.  I’ll donate my services to Krip-Hop Nation. If u guys ever need c.d covers, flyers, business cards, banners, beats, or anything u might be looking for, please contact me.

Thank u for your time and thank u for giving my brother in law NONOS a chance to be apart of your organization. Keep in touch.



Krip-Hop Nation will return to the UK in November for DADA Fest


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