Silenced Mamas II

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 08 August 2010

Silenced mamas II

The Un-just actions of Commissioner Marjorie Slabach continues -unchecked

Marlon Crump/PNN
Saturday, September 5, 2009

"What do we want?"
"Who do we want it for?"
"Poor mamas struggling!"
"When do we want it?"

Outcries led by "Tiny" Lisa Gray-Garcia, single mothers advocate against court-corruption ,co-founder of POOR Magazine/POOR News Network; and myself as a re-porter/supporter and "Revolutionary Legal Scholar" at last year's Justice Fo Da Mamaz Day Rally, in front of the San Francisco Superior Courthouse.

Over a year (and many mothers tears later) the voices of "Silenced Mamas" continue to echo from their grieving hearts. These voices were due to their unwitting induction into a carnival courtroom, comprised of callous child custody abduction.

Their voices continue to target a certain "judge" who is in the center of that corruption: San Francisco Family Law Commissioner/Judge Marjorie A. Slabach!

"No matter what your son tells you, you are NOT to report anything to any city agencies. C.P.S (Child Protective Services) and no one!!"

Judge Marjorie Slabach's reported expletive address to single mom, Aminah Owens.

We're not just members of the bar
Here in Familawt,
We're connoisseurs of the bizarre!
Best interests of the children is our watchword
We frown upon disparagement and blame
In short there is simply not, a more congenial spot
For ending your relationship than here in Fam-i-lawt

(Caricature performance of "Camelot" featuring numerous judges, including Slabach from various counties, participating in their mocking to the very law that they preside over, titled "Familawt") camelot.htm
"It's gotten to a point where I fear even walking into her courtroom, because she will always be biased against me." Kim stated to me.

Like so many Kim Swans, June Strohlins, (a.k.a Jewnbug) Sandra Thomsens, and possibly countless others before and/or after them, there is yet to be any swift accountability for Slabach's abuse, surrounding her atrocious judicial dictatorship regarding child dependency cases.

Despite the efforts by POOR, myself as re-porting-su-pporting Revolutionary Legal Scholar, and even with the efforts by fellow comrade/victim of Slabach, June Strohlin a.k.a Jewnbug, this "judge" continues to reign ruthlessly supreme over single moms, predominately those prone to poverty.

Is the California Commission on Judicial Performance really that oblivious, ignorant, or even the least bit concerned of Slabach's unethical judicial misconduct?

A recent inductee was Jana Farrell, a single mother of an eleven-year old son. Miss Farrell arrived in the U.S from St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994, without any knowledge of English. In spite of that, she still wanted to contribute to this country's work force. Jana worked one year in her current career in real estate, at Pacific Union and at Coldwell Banker for nearly three years.

In her native country, Jana earned a bachelor's degree in Economic and Management from St. Petersburg's University of Economics and Management, graduating with high honors. Her path of finding a job began with her enrollment at Heald Business College, where she received a science degree in accounting.

After Jana's embrace of the United States as her second home, she attended Golden Gate University for a year and a half. While enrolled at Golden Gate, she took English as a second language program. Along the way, she met wonderful people teachers, and got married.

The marriage, however, became a failure, stating,
"It was due to his violent abuse towards me." In 2006, Jana sought custody of their son in court.

"My ex-husband's lawyer would often submit an application for these types of motion hearings (ex-parte) and Judge Slabach would continuously grant these motions, sometimes even twice in one week without question. These motions also required me to appear at 8:45 a.m, and this conflicted with my work schedules." Jana explained.

Jana is one of the masses of young women who are victims of these rights-robbing motions. As I mentioned in the previous "Silenced Mamas" article, these "motions" attack a person's 5th and 14th Amendment of the U.S Constitution's Right to Due Process of law, because there is no advanced notice to the other party, from the moving side.

"I cannot agree more. As a matter of fact, those ex parte motions were leading me to a bankruptcy, loss of my job and other hardship. I'm not mentioning the toll all this will take on my son in the future." Jana explained, in response to an online petition that I personally implemented to ultimately have Judge Slabach removed from the bench.

Consequently, Slabach is somehow allowed immunity to grant these "motions" without impunity and scrutiny. She might as well have said to Jana Farrell farewell to her parental, civil, and constitutional rights as a single mother.

Aminah Owens, single mom of two children, a daughter 15 and a son 4 ½ yrs of age has felt the wicked wrath of Slabach, just this past year. Aminah is a fulltime psychology major at San Francisco City College, and she is also a certified phlebotomist. (A trained medical lab tech that draws blood from patients)

A temporary restraining order was filed by her, due to the violence administered by the son's father in December of 2008. Aminah says that he attacked her in front of their son, after he delivered him to her in a drunken manner, during a modified visitation court order.

When she questioned him as to why he was appearing to her in such a matter, he immediately became combative, and attacked her. Aminah called the police. On January of 2009 (this year), Aminah went before Slabach as a self-represented party and accompanied only with her aunt.

The son's father was accompanied alongside of his family members, and his attorney. According to her, his goal was to discredit her character and remove her rights as a single mom.

"They gave false testimonies and accusations about me." Aminah says. "My son's dad lied to her and said that I was on crack and that he witnessed a drug sale while exchanging my son at my house one day....`I have no felony convictions for drugs nor do I DO drugs...but since the dad has convinced her corrupt and demonic self to make it the subject that I drug test.

The probation dept. won't even drug test why????Cause I don't have a history of using drugs. Now they want me to take a psych-evaluation....why??/? Cause the father's attorney has convinced her that I am crazy. I have a Medical Assist. Certified and injection nurse card. I am an EKG tech. (a medical tech trained in electrical heart activity) and a certified phlebotomist."

Aminah has significant accreditations, attempted to provide numerous documentations and medical reports (viewing them myself) to the court in support of her claims. Even S.F.P.D Officers were willing to testify on Aminah's behalf, but unfortunately that wasn't enough for Slabach to render a fair just ruling. Aminah categorizes how Slabach made her feel:







(Among other Slabach spirit-shattering tactics)

The end result for Aminah's case was in favor for the son's father, and not her. Unfortunately, this was not going to be the last time she would encounter Slabach.

On April 16th, 2009 of this year, Aminah was scheduled to have a hearing regarding an Emergency Protective Order matter. Three days leading up to the hearing, an incident took place at her home where she says that her son's father attempted to pull their son away from her, and the 4 ½ yr old sustained some bruising as a result.

Aminah felt that it was urgent to file this protective order hearing, A.S.A.P. This "hearing" was pretty bizarre, due to the fact that there was no court reporter present to document it, as a matter of public record and record the hearing.

According to Aminah, "Slabach approached me, not even in her black robe, and was wearing street attire. She nearly got nose-to-nose to me, with only the small (knee high) wooden doors separating us. She started yelling to me that no matter what your son tells you, you are NOT to report anything to any city agencies. C.P.S (Child Protective Services) and no one!!"

As Aminah looked at her in astonishment, Slabach threatened to hold her in contempt if she didn't comply; although I personally don't see how this was genuine when everything appeared to be a verbal, not an official ruling without it being a documented hearing of public knowledge.

After the alleged "ruling" Slabach subtracted her visitation days. In a report by Rally's Visitation Services (seeing it with my own eyes) Aminah's son stated in a paragraph how uncomfortable he was with his father.

Yet somehow he remains in his custody?

In a followup story regarding Kim Swan, a.k.a Queenandi, single mom, and fellow comrade of mine at POOR, Slabach criticized her for "going on protests" and "writing articles" during a modification visitation hearing late last year, that involved her, and her daughter's father.

Kim's attorney was so livid with Slabach's unethical behavior towards her, that he responded that he was going on the record that he intended to "go over her head."
"What does it mean when you hath a right to be heard, when no one wants to hear you?"Mumia Abu-Jamal, "Jailhouse Lawyers."

"Now why dost thou cry out aloud? [is there] no king in thee? Is thy counselor perished? for pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail."

Micah 4:9,10


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