PNN Revolutionary Blog Series #5 / Serie de Blogs Revolutionarios

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 13 August 2010

People's School Summer 2010/ Escuela de la Gente Verano 2010
by La Toyia Hudson

Being the child of poor, multi-racial, teenage, and public aid-dependent parents, I swear to myself I will never raise a child in a financially unstable home. So I made a mental choice to withhold my virtue till marriage; but life apparently had other plans for me.

I am a single mother of an extremely smart and handsome four-year-old little boy, who is my life’s joy. But my real true regret is that he is being raised in the ghetto of San Francisco, California, where he has to deal with the daily struggles of his mother’s life. He has to deal with the hustle and bustle of a mother who has to struggle through being a full time parent, full time student, and a part time employee, as well as a mother dealing with the fustration that comes from being dependent on government aid and the traditional kinship system of the minority culture. We have to deal with people constantly prying into our personal business and the daily struggle of survival.

And to think the government wants to now cut the little bit of assistance they offer in order to save a national budget crisis they got themselves into. Why is it that they want to cut from the bottom and not the top? Why is it I can go a whole summer surviving on $25.00 in the bank, $235.00 a month in aid money, and $45.00 a month in food stamps? Sacrifice my eating, going out, and all unnecessary spending of any kind in order to maintain my household; while the most powerful people in the world and the top 1% of the earning elite, can’t survive without a few thousand dollars worth of cuts.   


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