Krip-Hop Nation Interview with Deejay Kabila of South Africa

Leroy - Posted on 14 August 2010



Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  So you were born in Cape-Town in South African.  Please give our readers a picture of your youth.


Deejay Kabila:

I was born in the Eastern Cape, a small town called Umthatha.  Growing up there was quiet an amazing experience as I grew up under a very strict family with christian values, my grand ma really taught us how to pray and respect.




Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  So you were in a car accident and became a wheelchair user.  Tells us were there any difference in being a dj before and after your accident?  Also what is a DJ Box?





Deejay Kabila:

My accident happened in 1999 at the age of 21,it didn’t really change a lot in my lifestyle, the only thing is just I could not walk but luckily I could roll on my chair.  Djing came the same year I had an accident, that was a dream I had before the accident happened and I never looked back.  A dj box is where the dj operates his music and where the music equipment is placed at the club.



Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  Tell us about the music scene in Durban as a disabled DJ.





Deejay Kabila:

In everything I do I don’t really put my disability first as you know that art comes from a different source the passion and vision of the creative voice which knows no boundaries of race, gender, class or physical ability.  For anyone who will book me can rate me with the work I do best which is to make people dance and give them good time.






Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.) I read you got a slot Ukhozi FM.  Tells us more about that.






Deejay Kabila:  I had a chance to play on the prime slot on linda Sibiya’s midday show in 2007 for two months.  It was really an amazing experience as that really gave me a big platform in exposing me as a brand with a lot of following.





Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  I read that you talked about if the music industry is ready for a DJ who is a wheelchair user.  Tell us what you think now.





Deejay Kabila: Oh yes I had a chance to talk at the 2nd annual South African music conference in 2007.  Our topic was Unlimited Talent.   As I said before music doesn’t have any barrie if you can deliver and work hard in positioning yourself into the market everyone will buy into your talent and support the product you have inside to deliver.








Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  So how many CDS you have out and what are you working on now?






Deejay Kabila:  I have one cd with soulistic music called, believe, in 2007.  At the moment I just opened my company called, feel good music, where we scout new talent and expose them into the market and manage them.  I work with a non profit organization called, Beyond Disability, which is aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities through edutainment.






Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.) Tell us about Black Coffee, Soulistic Records and the Foundation.







Deejay Kabila:black Coffee is a good friend of mine we have been djeing together for a long time and when he blew up into the market he took me under his wing to realize my first debut album called, believe,  He has also formed his own foundation called Black Coffee foundation to uplift and expose people with disabilities talent into the music industry and just help the whole disabled community.






Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  You have a group, Beyond Disability that will start a  campaign.  Tell us about this campaign.






Deejay Kabila: Beyond Disability as I said is a non profit organization aimed at improving the lives of people living with disabilities through edutainment, this organization has designed different campaigns in making awareness in the society at large and also raise funds for different projects that are adopted under the Beyond Disability’s ambrella.  I just had a campaign called “A PARTY WITH A PURPOSE” which was a club tour around the country to raise awareness on Beyond Disability and raise funds for different projects we involved in.






Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  So you want to come to America.  If you have a chance to come what do you what to do in US.  How can people help you get here?






Deejay Kabila: We would like to take these campaigns globaly and also learn much more in what other organizations like us are doing, networking and empowering the disability circle even bigger.  People can help by hosting campaigns like “party with a purpose” in their clubs, adopt Beyond Disability and even become volunteers in other projects.






Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.) How can people get intouch with you?




Deejay Kabila:  They can email me on    facebook page :search-deejay kabila also join our  facebook  page: beyond disability




Krip-Hop Nation (K.H.N.)  Do you have any last words?




Deejay Kabila:  We must never give up and pushing forward will definitely unlock all the potential we are capable of and to the disabled community in the world I say the impossible is the untried go on and explore you talent and never be scared to try.


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