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PNNscholar1 - Posted on 17 August 2010

People's Skool Summer 2010

by Libah Sheppard

I am not a violent woman, not an angry woman, nor am I a vicious woman, as a matter fact I am a spiritual woman guided by:  God, Allah, Jehovah, Jah, Creator, Dios, Most High.  Channeled by my ancestors to spiritually do the right thing, but in 1992 I was going to kill my Father that’s right I was going to blow his Mother Fuckin' Head off.

My father Lonnie Sheppard who was about 70 years old at the time had molested/ raped my child who was only four years old.  My father who was keeping my only child at the time and in his old sick twisted up mind somehow figure that it was ok to violate my child.   When I picked up my child and took her home she wasn’t her self.  She looked sad and had a look of shame ness on her face.  Her Sorrow look showed a look of wrongness like she had done something wrong.  I remember saying to her baby what’s wrong and she said nothing.  When I got her home and gave her a bath I notice that her little vagina was very red.  I said to her baby what happened she began crying and hesitated for a long time.  I said to her again baby you can tell mama what happened.  She scuffled in her voice  as the tears ran down her check she murmur out Graaaaand Paaa put then she paused.  Put what baby as I said.  She remained silent.  Remember that Mama is not going to be mad at you.  She then sniffled and said his stick.  Baby are you saying Grandpa put his stick in you.  She nodded her head.  Show momma where Grandpa stick is at.  She then pointed to my Vagina but you don’t have a stick only boys have sticks.  It was at that point I put two and two together and realize that she was saying that her Grandfather my Father had stuck his Dick inside of her and the redness was from her bleeding prior to me picking her up.   I immediately rushed my baby girl to the emergency room at UCLA medical center.  After arriving and finding out that my baby was violated all I could do was cry.  After crying for 24 hours straight I began calling people to find out if they could get me a gun.  I was going to finish off Mr. Sheppard that right I was going to blow his mother fuckin' head off.  So I left Los Angeles to come to San Francisco in order to keep from having a murder rap on me.



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