Ronald McDonald House Poetry

mari - Posted on 18 August 2010

Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator, Mari V. went to Denver with a group called the Visionaries that is doing a community project with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver. She along with Marjorie Davis, and Louis Chapoose (White River Ute) held Art and Spoken Word workshops. The Spoken Word Workshops are based on POOR Magazine’s curriculum of the Slam Bio. The youth also recorded their poetry pieces and make a spoken word CD.

Slam Bios are short versions of a poet’s biography

Hayley Long, 9

Poetry Purple,

Sweet N Tangy

Fluffy like a teddy bear

Smell like a pretty flower perfume

Dog with baby cats


Playful Mind

Small town

Scottsbluff, Nebraska


I live with my mom, 2 brothers, and 1 sister

My room has two beds.

My bed has Winnie the pooh stuff on it.

I struggle with making friends.


Malik Turner, 11

Black and red

Smooth as polished wood

Smell like axe cologne

Taste like mixed berries

I'm hunting like a tiger stalking his prey

I am from Denver where everybody loves me

I come from a comedy family where everybody loves me

I struggle with math because sometimes it's hard

Also, I struggle with my dad drinking alcohol


Michael Churchill Jr.


Soft as a teddbear

Smell like axe cologne

Taste sweet as sweet tea

Lion in the forest

I'm from a group of people that always love me from Denver

I live with my mom mostly and my dad helps me on the way and they both love me dad lives in an apartment, and my mom lives in a condo

I struggle most with my grandma smoking around me all the time

Jenessa Walgren, 5


Brown Dog


Big Mountain



Saying Echos in the Tunnels

The only word I remember saying is Gracias from my Dad.

My house is white and blue.

It is heater house.

There are 3 rooms.

My room is filled with Toys.

My grandma, mom, aunt and dad.

I like elevators.

I struggle with learning to ride my bike.


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