Meg Whitman Debates welfareQUEEN's & In/Migrante Mamaz en resistencia/ Part One

Tiny - Posted on 22 August 2010


Latina Immigrant Mothers and Working Poor Mothers Challenge Meg Whitman to a Debate

"Meg Whitman has repeatedly attacked immigrants and poor mothers, building her campaign on the backs of poor people, so we, the poor people, have a response,” said Lisa Gray-Garcia, single mother and member of the cultural project The WelfareQUEENs.

“Illegals are just that, illegal!"   "I am going to crack down on sanctuary cities across California…”  two of MegWhitman's statements said often in her many multi-million dollar campaign ads has not only used the criminalization of immigrant peoples as a rallying cry but also has vowed to end welfare in California, leaving thousands of poor unemployed families at risk of starvation and homelessness.

“Meg Whitman’s programs only serve the rich people of California, she has spewed lies about poor people in her campaign ads, we hope to shed light on the truth with this debate,” said Rosa Galindo, working poor mother of five in the JOBS NOW program and member of the voces de inmigrantes en resistencia program at Prensa POBRE.

Working poor Latina/o immigrants and mothers engaged in work through the JOBS NOW program which was already slashed by budget cuts leaving thousands of mothers out of a job are terrified for their safety and the safety of their children if Meg Whitman becomes Governor of California.

Mothers and fathers in poverty are fighting to provide food, housing and care for their children in this worsening economy. Through the JOBS Now and Community Jobs program low-income parents have been able to remain stabilized and engaged in work. The U.S. Senate voted two weeks ago to end the funding for subsidized employment. If this program is not added back thousands lose their jobs on September 30th andMeg Whitman will inherent thousands of poor families in California.

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So funny and so important- thx for doing this POOR Mag gente!


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