PeopleSkool Winter 2011 Schedule of Classes- Click here to view the whole schedule!

Tiny - Posted on 25 August 2010

PeopleSKool@ The Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute

2011 Winter Class Schedule

All classes begin Tuesday, January 25th

Late Registration: 1st day of classes

Tuition on a sliding scale – Scholarships available from the Po’ Skolaz Fund

All classes Taught in English and Spanish



1pm  Revolutionary Media for SkolaZ #103 Radio & Video News production:  Section #1 Radio editing – radio blogging, radio production and pod-casting Section #2 Video editing, shooting and posting for news –    (Please Note** Revolutionary Broadcast Media is pre-empted on the last Tuesday of the Month for POOR’s HEAL group  (HEAL – Healing Addiction through Art and Liberation) 

3pm Hip Hop Theatre of the Poor: welfareQUEEN’s/Poetas Pobres Theatre action group- for youth, adults and elders in poverty: Semester Project: PNN-TV Newsroom- Reality TV Show!

5pm Revolutionary Poverty JournalismSection 2:- Investigative Journalism/Photo Journalism/Column development – Taught in English and Espanol . Includes assignments of stories and events

***6pm –1st Tuesday of the Month Community Newsroom– Indigenous News-Making Circle –Mandatory for All Students and skolaZ- All media and organizing work at POOR Magazine is launched from this meeting

7pm Isms from the Inside- Racism, Classism, Capitalism, Border Fascism, Ableism Motherism, Indigenismo, NPIC-ism and other isms that have a direct impact on youth, adults and elders in poverty locally and globally!   This class is offered by The Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute (RPMJ) The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute has a revolutionary way of addressing the impact of poverty that up-ends the traditional US models of service provision, mental health treatment, media production, education, policy creation and philanthropy. Each training seminar or workshop is led by Poverty Scholars who have survived poverty, homelessness, violence, profiling, immigration, disability, incarceration, police harassment, domestic violence, etc



5:30pm Parenting Love offered by Lotus Blooming.
Lotus Blooming™ Play Groups offer families the space and opportunity to practice the loving communication and interactions necessary for healthy relationships. People learn through modeling and so the Lotus Blooming™ Play Groups provide the visual examples necessary for learning the most loving methods of interaction. These sessions are called Play Groups because play is how we will be learning. When people play, they learn faster and better, plus play and love are closely connected.

POOR magazine is a poor people led/indigenous people led, grassroots, non-profit, arts organization that is dedicated to providing extreme media access, education and art to communities of color struggling with poverty, racism, disability, immigration/migration, and criminalization in the bay area and beyond.

PeopleSkool at The Race, Poverty, Media Justice Institute is focused on teaching non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and organizing with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and de-gentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, homelessness, disability, migration, incarceration and race locally and globally.



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