Eat Free/Stay Healthy

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 03 September 2010

By Joseph Bolden

        With health, money is worthless, if you’re the working poor, jobless
or homeless, being healthy is priceless! I’ve 1 page to do this on-so forgive the briefness. Good / bad free eats & a cafe. First stop St. Vincent De Paul in Oakland serves 7 days 11am-1pm., except 1st. Wednesday  of each month. You get to napkins, I  fork. My opinion? St. Paul is consistent – Consistently bad! They make good pasta & meat meals sometimes, mostly it’s flat, tasteless fare – the price is right. One good thing the date: Jan. 31, ’97 No lines because most of us are in line, in banks getting G.A. (General Assistance) checks, some spent unwisely.
        Forgot something, Feb. 2,’97 Oh! a surprise-while waiting for St. John Coltrane Church (no joke) to open, hungry walking down Haight Street I see Metro Café. It’s prices are high but ‘ya take a chance. It opens promptly 9am, two, three ladies also wait so ladies first. After finding a table, reading a menu, I order milk, French toast & an English muffin. The red interior soothing, black / white checker- board floor clean. $5.43 not a bad deal. Will eat there again.

        Stop #2 same day St. Anthony’s in San Francisco. No lines same reason. I get a plastic fork, tray, 1 white napkin and with Vinnies as many servings before it closes. Hrs. 12noon-1:30. The food is consistent too (Consistently good). There is variety in it’s menu from week to week.

        Feb. 3, ’97 Philadelphia 7th. Day Adventist Church-2520 Bush St. (between Scott & Divisidero). Vegetarian w/ juice, homemade corn-bread & cookies, If you stay awake during the sermon then you’ll have as many servings as you want, for 50 cents can take a meal or 2 home. The food has variety, is healthy, taste (as only home ‘cookin can). Mon-Thurs. 12noon-1:30. The lunch may begin late don’t sweat it it’s worth the wait.

        Another healthy place is Martin De Porres (Actually St. Martin-to me an obscure Black Saint). Feb. 6, ’97-6:57am location 225 Potrero Ave. (near 16th st.). They serve hot oatmeal w/ raisins & brown surgar along with cream, powdered or regular milk also different kinds of bread and hot tea or broth. It goes down easy, sticks to the ribs plus you’ll get 2nd’s, 3rd’s, and 4th’s & fifths but be warned! Being mostly liquid it goes through you fast as it did me today at 7:57am! That same morning, don’t get hooked on brown sugar-it’s healthier than regular sugar though bad for teeth. I return to Martin’s at 1:23, eat and get free vitamins. Though I am late, get a short line, get a weeks worth of C-B-A and multi-vitamins. ’94, ’95 we use to auto- matically get two weeks worth then it’s cut to a week. It’s a veggie meal with bits of turkey in it, sop it down with wheat bread, ate the salad that comes with the meal and wash it down with water.
        I wait on line again. Because many people aren’t in line I get two extra bags of vitamins added to the one I have which equals three weeks worth of added health. There’s bleach to clean needles, tooth -paste, brushes, combs, condoms, towels, to borrow for Tues.-Sat. 12:00noon – 3pm. (Now vitamins are Tues.-Thurs. 12:20 – 1:30pm).
It may have changed so ask the regulars about it.


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