El Paso Chronicles

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 10 September 2010

The long black gate  8/27/10

People are breaking in
And theres people trying to escape
Our cargo weight
Selling shit  sold  about
And contain shit that stakes place
It’s a see through wall
It ain't to far past you see those bombs
It’s a war I was told
The people, the cartels
And the border police are so cold
Driving downhill daily
You just see these clouds of smoke



Border Bros.  8/28/10

Back, black en la frontera
More cameras with droids
We like pizza slices
Capitalism is the noid
Classist people to me are hemroids
U.S. is a playgrounds for us toys
At the boarder searching to be free
Stopped again by sellout motherfucking police
They separate themselves, you and me
But the wealthy run through just vacationing







Crystal Rey    8/29/10

With all the bullshit at the front gate
The community still danced the Crystal Rey
Ninas y ninos took over the stage
Know one dared leave until it rained
You could feel the tension, seen in the face
Killing our culture on a daily base
And 600,000,000 more that they pay
Juarez, El Paso, soon all the U.S.A







La mujer obrera(the woman worker)  8/30/10

In the 40’s and 50’s industrial age jobs were shifty
We laced the whole boarder factoridly
Disorderly, historically
La mujer el trabajo, toda via abajo
Working the line with much unpaid overtime
From the fields to the factory
Puro pinche pecos ella stackidly
Bodies were shifted cog in the wheel
Made of wood, cotton and steel
There ain't so room to heal
Women organized as they always do
Mother abuelita y me tia too


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