Mothers vs Judicial Impunity

Mad Man Marlon - Posted on 11 October 2010

Marlon Crump

Picture by Carina Lomeli
By Marlon Crump
"Marjorie Slabach; 
Do you hate Mamaz? 
Do you hate children? 
Do you hate yourself."

My questions that I had written on my protest sign targeting San Francisco Family Law Commissioner, Marjorie A. Slabach. She was being honored at an event titled "Through The Eyes of Children." Much to the outrage of all the "Silenced Mamas" Slabach has dehumanized, and the families she has subjected for destruction. This event was an injustice in of itself.

Two very historical events occurred on this Thursday October 7th day of 2010. One of them was the inner courage of single (Silenced) mamas to combat an outrageous event which honored their nemesis, San Francisco Family Law Commissioner, Marjorie A. Slabach. They did this by having their presence felt, and their voice heard. "Through The Eyes of Children" was the title of this event. 

Another event was my eternal reminiscence of surviving a horrible ordeal.  October 7th, 2005, twelve men with twelve guns (San Francisco Police Department) stormed inside my Single Room Occupancy Hotel Room, at twelve midnight. Each were all armed with a lie. My innocence was irrelevant to them. 

Five years later, I'm a constant reminder to them, and to the entire unjust, injustice system that employs them on the backs of tax payers of what resistance really means: Self-empowerment.................through the power of the pen starting with the "I" voice.

On this day, we christened R.L.A.P. (Revolutionary Legal Advocacy Project)

And protested against Judge Slave ach (Slabach)

Separating children from mothers of color

In other words, poor single parents

Is it that she ain't with child?

But don't take mine!

Disrespect the poor!

In her court with those destructive lines

Make you feel that you're being personalized and despised

Like being a poor dark single mama is a crime.

Poem from POOR comrade, Ruyata Akio McClothin a.k.a "RAM" expressing his thoughts of Marjorie Slabach and her unethical judicial behavior in the courtroom. 

We indeed, in fact "christened" the Revolutionary Legal Advocacy Project today to penetrate a "legal" system structured with a bureaucracy of lies with utilized oppression targeting people (and mamas) in poverty.  

Over two years ago, on May 12th, 2008 myself, POOR, and some of the "Silenced Mamas" impacted by Slabach rallied in front of the San Francisco Superior Courthouse, 400 McAllister St where she presides. Since then, a site for all single moms impacted by Slabach was created by me for them to send their stories via email

In addition, a petition was also created to hopefully have her unseated from the bench in the future, “Action to Unseat Judge Marjorie A. Slabach.”

Link to petition:  

Consequently, Slabach continues to reign her disdain over the lives of single mamas, with impunity. Instead of being behind bars, she remains behind the bench. Fortunately, the "Silenced Mamas" movement painstakingly continues whereas accountability only comes from us people (and single mamas) in poverty. 

"Until this country comes to terms with it's culpability in allowing widespread poverty-related issues to exist, poor single mothers will continue to lose their children to the state. And we will continue to label these women as "bad mothers" to usage of our own guilt."Gaylynn Burroughs, staff attorney of the Bronx Defender inNew York City, as she was quoted in a 2008 San Francisco Bayview article, "Too poor to be a parent."

News of an anticipated act of resistance against an injustice travels faster than a comet. The Senior Director of Mission, Advocacy & Community Health Services, of St. Francis Memorial Hospital called our office a few hours before our planned protest rally. She was "concerned" about our action and what our intentions would be. (The rally took place at the hospital outside the Pierrotti Pavillion entrance section)   

I explained to her during our phone discussion which see-sawed with debates, that our opposition was solely on Slabach, not the hospital administration. It was very clear to me that she was worried about bad publicity and a tarnished image. Politely, I ended the conversation stating to her. "Two things: Position or Lives. Which is more important?"

We arrived at St. Francis Memorial Hospital located on 900 Hyde St. between Bush/Pine St. at 5:00 p.m literally on the dot. My POOR comrades, Queennandi, Carina Lomeli, Muteado Silencio, Ruyata Akio McClothin "RAM" Superbaby Mama#1 and your's truly began to re-port and sup-port as only POOR can.

I felt the unwelcoming ambiance within this community upon our arrival. Pedestrians pacing nervously past us. Above us on an outside terrace, a few hospital employees glared down on us with fearful, false smiles. A female motorist failed to honk her horn, and narrowly hit our comrade Muteado, as he pounded his drum near the street curve. The hospital's private security or "Rent-a-Cops" were somewhat reluctant regarding the positioning of our presence, even after I briefed him what we were doing. 

Nevertheless, the action went underway as we circled in solidarity against Slabach. 

A gentleman with a long salt-and peppered beard quickly joined our cause, along with Ann Larsen, a volunteer for the Coalition of Concerned Legal Professionals and Pamela Newman, a single mama victimized by Slabach.

"I went inside (the event) and they're are actually scared." Pamela said to us as she joined our action. Hearing this really brought a smile to my face. For those who've condoned Slabach's behavior are just as guilty, in my opinion. When I learned who some of the sponsors were; the Rally Visitation Services, and the San Francisco Bar Association, many questions and curiosities coursed through my mind.

Are these attorneys really representing the "interests" of their clients in her courtroom? Are the written evaluation "reports" accurate when they're submitted for Slabach's review, in her determination of what the "Best Interests of The Child" are?  

Unless there is an internal investigation leading to swift accountability, only time can know the answer.

"Do you hate Mamaz?"
"Do you hate children?"
"Do you hate yourself."

Two of these three questions are being raised by every single mama, their children and families every time Slabach bangs her gavel unjustly against them. The very last question I wonder is does Slabach truly hate her own self.................. "Through The Eyes of Children?"

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."  ~Stacia Tauscher



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