Homefulness is an Act of Resistance

cayley - Posted on 02 November 2010

Jewnbug and Thornton Kimes

What Homefulness Means to Me


Homefulness is a form of resistance to Capitalism's horrifying harmful effects on housing on Turtle Island under Amerikkka government control.  Homefulness is a real interdependent solution to houselessness, an opportunity for families to rebuild the indigenous village model insuring the well-being and success of the whole family.

The Homefulness Project joins the new currency meme of such things as Time Banks and the bartering world, with its sweat equity model, the exchange of volunteer labor for housing, changing the relationship between owner and renter, transforming the transaction of obtaining and maintaining the basic human right to shelter.

It isn't a band-aid on a bleeding wound, it's a cure to houselessness, landlessness.  It means security and stability, it means abolishing isolation from neighbors, it is love in action--destroying the fear of being on the streets.


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