Sacramento PO' Poets

root - Posted on 28 May 2001

Poets and writers from S.H.O.C. (Sacramento Homeless Organizing Coalition)

by Sacramento POOR Poets

To The Policeman

Who Went To Church On Sunday.

I was hungry

and you took away my ID

I couldn’t go to a food locker

I was cold

and you took away my warm clothes and


I was weary

and you wouldn’t let me rest

I was broken hearted

and instead of giving me comfort you

Showed your contempt

I was lonely

and you wouldn’t give me a kind word

I was frightened

and you terrorized and threatened me

I had had love and compassion

And you showed me hate

I showed you respect

And you treated me as WORTHLESS

I was homeless and you didn’t care

Is this really the way you

want to live your life?

Sunshine/AKA Billeen Pruett

P.S. Not all officers are like this--but for the

Ones who are ____ ____ ____ ____ ____




By Leonore Mathews

Who would know or care

That I needed shelter

as the wind and rain

played games

on the roof of my old


Winter brought rain drops

from a leaky roof

dripping slowly on the front


Nesting in a sleeping bag

usually warm and comfy

Who would know or care

that me of all creatures

needed shelter.

Early Dawn

by Leonore Mathews

Bring back the dawn soon

but not too late

so dancing black shadows

will fade

as glossy sunbeams kiss

our faces

and we can once more

join the human race

forgetting we are homeless.


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