GENTRIFUKATION TOURS “R” US (Aburgesamiento Gira “Somos” Nosotros)

Tiny - Posted on 18 November 2010





 (Aburgesamiento Gira



“Coming to a Displaced, Dismantled, Redeveloped Neighborhood Near You”

“Viniendo a  un desplazamiento, Desmantelado, Barrio Rediseñado Cerca de Tí”


Mission Statement

We the people, communities of color, workers, migrants, grandfathers and grandmothers, mamas, daddies, elders, babies, young folks, indigenous ancestors and aboriginal peoples who have spent time and love and sweat and tears and prayers caring for, working, dreaming and loving this community, this barrio, this street, this tree, this garden, this flower, for generations, centuries and time beyond Gregorian, missionary calendars, have been displaced by the forces of money, power, real estate speculation, corporate theft, corporate government,  philanthro-PIMPING, redevelopment, criminalization, and gentrification and now only exist as a cultural memory, an “art-I-fact”, a reference, a brush stroke, a photo, an exhibit, a dream to be studied, theorized, painted over, documented and/or forgotten and erased completely as though we were never here.


GENTRIFUKATION TOURS “R” US exists to document the theft, reclaim & take back the stolen spaces,  memories, images, pictures, lives and dreams. To tour and document the default colonizers and 21st Century Missionaries, the erased and colonized culture and cultural stealers, to re-insert ourselves in the stolen landmark and to reclaim what little of us might still be left 


Declaración de Misión

Nosotros la Gente, comunidades de color, trabajadores, migrantes, abuelos y abuelas, mamas, papas, ancianos, babes, jovenes, ancestros indigenas y los pueblos aborígenes que han pasado tiempo, amor y sudor y lágrimas y oraciones para  cuidar, trabajar, soñar y amar en esta comunidad, este barrio, esta calle, este árbol, este jardín, esta flor, para las generaciones, siglos y el tiempo más allá de los Gregorianos, calendarios misioneros, han sido desplazados por las fuerzas del dinero, el poder, la especulación inmobiliaria, el robo corporativo, gobierno corporativo, los chantaje filantrópico-, la reconstrucsion, la criminalización y el aburguesamiento y ahora sólo existe como una memoria cultural, un "arte-teologico" , una referencia, un trazo de pincel, una foto, una exposición, un sueño para ser estudiado, teorizado, pintado, documentado y / e olvidado y borrado por completo, como si nunca estuvimos aquí.


GENTRIFUKATION TOURS “R” US existe para documentar el robo, retomar y recuperar los espacios robados, recuerdos, imágenes, fotos, vidas y sueños.

Para visitar y documentar los colonizadores por defecto y  misioneros del siglo 21, la cultura borrada y colonizada y ladrones culturales, para volver a insertar a nosotros mismos en el punto de referencia robados y para recuperar lo poco de nosotros  que todavía puede ser recuperado.


TOUR #1 Sites: Gentrifyers on Stolen Land


1.The Redstone building- Sacred Ohlone shell mound site and home of revolutionary labor and community organizations in SF- Facing Con-DO removal

2. Grub 758 Valencia- post-gentrified site: hipsters grazing site on stolen land

3. The Summit SF- post gentrified site: - hipsters grazing and lap-top site

4. Spork 1058 Valencia post-gentrified site; hipster grazing site on stolen land

5.Herbivore 983 Valencia hipster grazing site on stolen land

6. Flour & Water 2401 Harrison hipster grazing site on stolen land

7. Farina 3560 18th street – Hipster grazing site on stolen land

8. Gracias Madre 2211 Mission street – Hipster Grazing site with cultural theft on stolen land

9. Mamahouse: 1156 Florida st Home of poor mothers gentrified and evicted by real estate speculation.


©A Community Resistance PeopleAtion..

Serving silenced peoples and removed indigenous folks since 1493

...Spanish for hamburger?

and I mean how a-historical and not socially useful or political it is to talk about hipsters.

Gentrification, just when I thought it might slow down due to an alleged economic crisis, is non-stop in the Mission. 24th Street had a particular vibe for 20 or 30 years that has severely shifted in the past 3 years of rapid gentrification. The insanely high rent and property 'values' are protected by a corporate state that Occupy (you and me) is trying desperately to resist.

I remember when chain stores and fancy/expensive shops came to the Haight and anti-gentrification activists would shoot ball bearings or rocks through their massive windows. I remember when Valencia Street (which has been in constant transformation since it was home to feminists and lesbians when I moved here in the early 80s) went through another rapid gentrification in the 90s and anti-gentrification activists and artists held marches, staged restaurant disruptions and other performances. The target then was the yuppie. Now it is the hipster.

Some of the fiercest activists in the Bay Area are white hipsters. We sew patches over our brand names on our found and thrifted clothes, we ride bikes, we avoid most of the overpriced foodie grazing sites, we've been shopping at Rainbow for decades, we get up early to shut down the Oakland port and we march in solidarity with Treyvon Martin and Idriss Stelley and Oscar Grant, and we support Homes Not Jails and Poor Magazine. But many of us grew up middle class, went to college (for a year or more) and wear the same stupid skinny jeans or wool caps or whatever the trend is (that we invent, or that we follow, it doesn't matter).

The enemy doesn't have one name or one outfit. For most of us, it's too easy to pick out a group or a trend to focus our critique. This shit is complicated and the ways that we are implicated requires more nuance than is demonstrated by hating on hipsters.

I was one of the people eating in Gracias Madre when you all came in and went on your tirade. I was immediately struck by the complete misdirection of your frustration. What did you think you would accomplish by disturbing patrons who ALREADY gave their money to an establishment?

Honestly, I would have been completely open to what you had to say if it had been done with a little more respect for me as a person. Attacking my character and labeling me a "hipster" without even knowing someone isn't going to win you any support whatsoever. As someone who was brand new to the bay area at the time, I didn't consider that restaurants like Gracias Madre were contributing to a larger problem of systemic racism in San Francisco. It's apparent to me now, but I'm reluctant to do shit about now because of your bad fucking attitude.

At the end of the day, your tactics are counter-productive. Your wheels will continue to spin until you learn how to effectively communicate your grievances to the unenlightened.

You're just trying to tear down people who are trying to do something positive with their lives, and that you know are too weakminded aka 'liberal' to push back -- aka 'hipsters.' First you brainwash them, then you mock them for being brainwashed. Real sweet.

just like a hipster. Nothing hip in it and is the epitome of weakmindedness.

Ha. Hipsters vote for Obama. They believe in global warming. They don't carry weapons. They're sheep. They make good targets. Enjoy your time with them, you might even wake a few of them up... to _my_ way of thinking ;-).


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