DHS Give Us Our Children Back!

Tiny - Posted on 16 February 2011

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I've read the accusation that social services agencies want to steal the children of poor mothers, but I've never seen a word of explanation as to why. What, exactly, does DHS want your kids for?

As the video above stated, DHS is awarded a certain amount of funding per child that they take into their custody. Therefore, as individuals focused on guaranteeing the future of their jobs, and as an organization which needs to constantly demonstrate that they are swamped with incoming children in order to be considered "needed" in order to guarantee state funding, DHS has incentives to take as many kids as they legally are allowed. Kids are money makers for the department in this process. In a similar vein, because of the money awarded per prisoner for both state-run and private prisons, there is a major incentive to take in as many prisoners as possible (private prison corporations routinely lobby against prison and drug policy reforms, and for increased mandatory minimums). Immigrant detention centers are in the same situation. In these cases, it also remains clear that prisons do not have an incentive for "rehabilitating" or "correcting" their populations, since a decrease in recidivism will mean decreased dollars flowing in.

You asked why the children of poor mothers as specifically targeted by this process. First, DHS, like the police force, have targeted areas of heavier scrutiny which usually land in poor areas. Second, housing conditions are often used in making the case to remove children from their homes. Therefore, homes which are dilapidated, have uneven floors or sidewalks, do not contain heating units, may have insect or pest infestations, etc. become part of the reason that kids are removed. All of these conditions are, of course, easily fixed with access to resources. Lastly (of my reasons), poor people generally lack access to media channels, support organizations, robust community structures, politicians, or governmental departments; essentially, the structures which most easily grant us voice and power in statist capitalism to redress a wrongdoing. Poor people do not have the same capacity for raising hell about an injustice that rich people do. Poor, working mothers have even less of a voice. That is how DHS can so easily and unjustly target poor women and steal their children without anyone hearing a peep about it in the mainstream media.

Am excited after viewing the video that there may be someone who can help me research the theft of each of my three children by CPS--one in Corvalis, OR, when I lived in Olympia: another, in Los Angeles, and the third in Santa Barbara. I am currently writing their stories as to our side of the story and want to expose the criminal side of CPS, if, indeed, it does apply. Will reveal more info to interested party/ies as necessary, if substantiated. But understand, this happened a-ways back--1979,1981, 1982. If you can help me , please do not hesitate to respond!!! thankx in advance...Cat(herine M.) Condeff PNN, WA Correspondent, currently residing in Seattle

Dear Cat

Check with the organization who we interviewed on the video- they may offer help - as far as poor- our ghettro azzes dont have any staff attorneys or folks to help with this - and we have ALL been impacted by the lying liars in CPS- we write about our struggles and put the words out there to give others a voice- so maybe you could write a story ( or a series) about these thefts of your children for PNN- and we can begin there

much love to you
POOR staff


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