root - Posted on 01 January 2000

by Leroy F. Moore Jr

Welcome to Postcard City

Where everything is picturize

But don’t look for any substance

If you don’t like it sail across the Bay

We have mountains, rolling hills and bridges

Postcard City welcomes out-of-towners

A land of tourists kicking out residents

Postcard City is temporary

Hard to keep up the appearance

A utopia stiffling the other side of the story

Controlling with an iron fist

You can do anything

As long as it doesn’t go against our rules

No S R O’s

No studios

No section eight vouchers

No benches

No mattes in shelters

Playing musical chairs with no music

No more lodging in public

No sleeping in cars

No sitting at UN Plaza

No immigrants

No affirmative Action

No diversity leads to our ultimate goal, a utopia

No more artists

No more socialists

More and more

No more free speech

No more Government cheese

No P G& E

Postcard City don’t care

About healthcare or welfare

Cause we got our share

No more liberals

No more homosexuals

No individuality

Follow the cat in the big hat

He is over seventy

Still making babies

Politics is dirty

In Postcard City

You wash my back i wash yours

A 20 cent stamp

And you can send this beautiful scenery

Across the country

The Grass is always greener

But what you see

Is man-made not Mothernature

Look beyond the window dressing

Unwrap the gift

Reality is more than a koack moment

Leroy F. Moore Jr.



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