Creating Apocalypse

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Don Eli

Dressed to impress

Proud gluttons promenade

Down streets od cold

Lifeless gray cement
Where once streams flowed sweetly
Inforests of green and gold

We walk as if with purpose
TOo busy to feel empty

Too empty to feel lost
Very important people
Moving in the fast lane
No time to wonder why
No time to care

Beneath our civilized veneer
Our "Have a nice day" smile
Lurks a snarling gang-banging beast

Fellow creatures are prey
Mother, a resource to be used and abused Children are property-investments

Wizened elders, a tiresome burden

Greed, our ruling passion
Our pyramid-scheme economy

In god we trust for dollars
Lust for sale, love must be restrained

We dam the rivers, Mother's arteries
Sucking her sacred blood
Then spitting it into the sea
As poisoned waste
Leaving streams, our Mother's veins
To die as dusty wastelands
Aquifers dry up, collapse
Never to live again

Apocalypse is our choice
To take and take and take
As we give, so we shall receive
Yet we give not
Yet we take without giving
The web of life is broken
And so are we


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