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Tiny - Posted on 05 April 2011

You can’t stay here no more
me being homeless again at thirtyfour
my sister let me move in for four days
than secretly kicked me out the door
one morning leaving I said
“I’ll see you later sister.”
She yelled “You can’t stay here no more”
She was refused by my payee for extra $
So I had to go
Now she say I can stay days weekly
Days maybe even four

 “From 1980, until this past year we did’nt have  the ‘Sit-Lie.” Ordinance”, says Bob Offer-Westort of  Coalition on Homelessness in San Francisco Ca.
   Portland Oregon had four ‘Sit-Lie’ laws over the past decade”, he continues.  “The hatred of the homeless is really what this will become, this will lead to warrants which will block you for getting housing [in the futire]”.

Now politicians and businesses are trying to implement the ‘Sit-Lie Ordinance’ in Berkeley, Ca. The Sit-Lie Ordinance is going to appear on the next ballet mimicking Prop N and Prop O. Prop N and Prop O were set up in ’94 for drug dealers.Now it  would mean  getting rid of homeless people from their streets.

Teague Gonzalez announces “There will be 10,000 unemployed people in  downtown Berkeley, she continued, “
So with our country now in another recession, no jobs, no money, para las pobre, no honey. Now our government legalizing locking up people for being homeless/poor. “If you can’t afford no doors, still you cannot rest on public floors”.


...if you're "locked up," you're not homeless.


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