Lola Bean - Posted on 05 April 2011

E Duplessis - PNN Washington Correspondent

Growing up ,I always thought going to college was impossible for people like me,yet at that time I was only partially aware who people like me really were.With my 0.7 gpa’s and behavioral problems,the list of names that counselors,administrators,and teachers had for me grew as I went from elementary to high school.If you were to put all of the students like me,in a room you probably would get a large number of black and Hispanics,or whatever name the big headed suits are classifying us as this year.In fact in my 5th grade year,at a private school,I attended since 1st grade,they pulled a bunch of us out of the school,citing disruptive behavior,dangerous to the learning enviorment.As I looked around I saw we all shared a non white skin tone,and the seven of us were sent off,like the next destination was to be a padded room.Coming from a family that thought school was important,that incident made think school was not for minorities and whoever would listen to this crazy idea I had would be ready to send me off to that padded room I mentioned earlier.That was in the 80’s and the 90’s,so today’s non white students have much more pressure with the increasing of overcrowded classrooms at the public school level and the racist,demonic nature of standardized testing,which in my eyes is like Eugenics for the education system.In 2009 over 6 million students between the ages of 16 and 24 dropped out of high school or adult high school with 70% being black or Hispanic.Now the number is higher and the portrait is slowly gaining color and we can see that academia was not designed with non white students in mind.A lot of educators like to debate that non white students,largely black and Hispanic are not genetically capable to succeed in the classroom.In 1994,the controversial book,The Bell Curve was released.Written by the evil mad scientist Charles Murray and a now deceased Harvard psychologist Richard.J.Hammerstien.,it explores the ideas that IQ differences are genetic which result in racial differences in intelligences.Their central argument is that intelligence is mostly influenced by both genetics and enviorment and a better predictor for where someone is going to be in life.Sounds to me like these guys drunk and horny off of their own power,wanted to pay tribute to their forefathers and crafted this ill philosophy,which is currently still damaging the futures of non white children across the country,since it was a best seller and educators and institutions swear by it as the bible in dealing with minority students.This concept of IQ classism has slid it’s greasy backbone all across the board as it was reported in the Trumbull County Conservative,that the city of Dayton,Ohio and the United States Department of Justice recently lowered the testing standards on their civil servant test for police officers to ’limit the exclusionary effect of the city’s test while enabling the city to meet it’s urgent needs and identify qualified candidates through individualized interviews” says DOJ spokesperson Xochiti Hinojosa.Applicants for the civil servant test,only need to score 58% damn guys what a democratic way to let folks know how you feel about them.Talking to some homies of mine,the collective response to school, and for the matter,college is it is not a priority.Taking it even further one comrade told me that out of a group of 14 of us we know personally,none of the group he thought could not make it in college.Recently enrolled in school this years I took offense and a debate ensued.After the smoke cleared I asked him if he felt these brothas were not smart enough for college,and he said ‘ No they just don’t have the discipline”,bringing it back to where I believe I hit a sweet spot in the education system in the idea that academia was designed to disrupt and halt success in young non white children.Taking them from their original nature and reprogramming them to assimilate to fit in the culture and industry of the White Man’s world.Returning to the classroom has enlightened as well ,due to being in a class of mixed age.Seeing the instructor isolate adolescent non white students and literally set them up to fail as if it is part of the cirriculum is horrifying.There is a subjective criteria the teacher uses based on his opinions ,experiences and attitudes towards race which seem to fall into the Bell Curve type of thought.The one new female student this quarter has not been to class in weeks,the instructor says she has called in sick,my mind thinks back to the first week of class when she ran out to vomit after the teacher giving a lecture at the non white students about the use of a certain word being used in class demostrations. He chastised yelling out “You cannot use the words Nigger Niggers Niggaz with a z or me and my niggerz or any form of the word nigga, because if you say it then I should be able to say it and I cant.say it.“The blonde girl looked at me in shock and teary eyed and shouted out No,No,No,before running to the door.The teacher said “Go on tell on me,I am trying to improve bad habits before they follow in the workplace.My feelings were of disgust yet an understanding of the devil and his strategies.The word didn’t bother me Richard Pryor one of my heroes sold that word to those crackers in Hollywood when we won the grammy in 1975 for comedy album of the year for his masterpiece “That Nigger’s Crazy”. What got to me was the obvious push he was giving to students like me to “get out of where you don’t belong” Thank the Most High that I wasn’t in a quitting mood that moment,yet I witnessed how it affected the Black students including two Asian youths and a white female to a point of disconection.As the weeks follow these students have fell back and damn near disassociated themselves in some way from his class ,showing up late or not interacting and he continues to discriminate,failing them as he smiles in their faces.As he told us in a lecture,”You must discriminate,that’s how you find out who’s good and who can’t do the job.”Hearing that from the lips of the reptile motivates me to infiltrate this system and raise a stone hammer above “The Bell Curve”and smash it to unrecognizable smithereens.

You have a terrific handle on descriptive word usage. And your honesty shows through in your writing style. I hope that you refer this blog to your fellow students, and I hope you hang in there...your sistah, Cat.

Noticing the seperation due to skin color. The research done about the Ages 16 & 24 research. The evil mad scientist (was a perfect desriptstion). Drunk & horny bastard i liked that comment. The bel curve gave me info i didn't have before. Great job MR...

This was an amazing article. There are so many people that need to hear and read this. I cant even give that dumb ass respect enough to call him a teacher, he doesn't deserve that title. He is a sham and fake and has some karma coming for him. I am glad those kids have someone like you in their class so they can at least see not all adults are so unsupportive and crazy.

Thanks to all the people who allowed this story to exsist even the the forces of evil

Feelin you on the craziness of the Edukkation system. THank you for breakin down this craziness!! Racisms alove and well in the skkkoolhouse.


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