i wake up in the morning

root - Posted on 18 June 2001

By Drek

by Drek

I wake up in the morning & as I run my fingers

through my nappy hair, I remember the awkward glance
that the

guy behind the counter gave me.

I open my eyes to another day where my being will be scrutinized.

as I lace my Timbos and slide on my baggy jeans,

I grab my walkman & portfolio and I head off to work.

I think about my
appearance as I listen to THE ROOTS

on the bus ride, and by the time "You Got Me” comes thru,

I've forgotten the awkward glances.

I say “what's up” to my coworkers & I head upstairs
and I study my hands as the lady clutches her purse.

My menacing Brown hands

.& while I don't know what she's thinking,

I can't help but wonder what the guys

that shadow me when I'm
in stores

downtown think.

I wonder how my relatives were seen

before they fell victim at Moore's Ford.

I wonder if they felt the need to validate

their humanity or intelligence.

by the time I Step Into the Realm comes on,

I could care less what people think

about my skin, hair, or dress & I begin constructing

my own definition of Drek.

I paint with the shades of my fore bearers

& rest my brush on a palette of colors visible

to all.

and I frame this image in raw truth


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