Save Dee and Tiny! Pt 1

Tiny - Posted on 14 April 2011

Tiny and Marissa Kunz

The story of Dee and tiny, the previously homeless, currently at-risk mother daughter art duo, and co-editors of POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork is a many layered, multi-colored panopoly of poverty, struggle and myth...

Once upon a time dee and tiny, mom and dad and their eleven brothers and sisters were traveling on a slightly used yaught in the Bremuda Triangle and then suddenly the yacht capsized, killing everyone but Dee and Tiny who were rescued by a Hindu Tamal Coast Guard Cutter and brought to Berkeley - where they painted shirts and sold them on the streets for 17 years and saved $780.00....

Several quixotic miracles and multiple evictions later we find Dee and Tiny somewhere in The Greater Bay Area after founding the non-profit, grassroots, arts organization POOR Magazine and the on-line magazine from virtually nothing and now because of deep and dark funding cuts in social services and foundation budgets (Post 911) they are now struggling just to keep the organization open so they can do all the amazin' education, media and art programs for poor and houseless youth and adults locally and globally ...

Scroll thru Po' Poets to view the rest of the story, parts 1-7!


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