Senseless Crimes Panel

root - Posted on 19 June 2001

by Leroy Moore

Save our Disabled Brothers & Sisters!

COME & Express Your Thoughts,

Solutions and Network

July 14th 1-5 @ CENTRO DEL PUEBLO

474 Valencia St. San Francisco Second Floor cross Street 16th a block from

16th Mission Bart Station

Crimes & Brutality Against
People with Disabilities

Do you know the rate of
violent crime
is 5 to 10 times higher
against people
with disabilities than against the general public?

* Many of these crimes are not reported
but when they are the testimony of victims with disabilities are not taken seriously.

* Do you know
there has been
a rise of
police shootings
of people with
mental illness
especially poor people
of color?

Because of this there has been
an increase
demand for disability
training of police officers.

A groundbreaking network to bring people with disabilities,
advocates, services providers,
law enforcements and local media together.
There will be panel discussions and presentations by disabled advocates,
SFPD ADA Coordinator and
Resources etc..

Sponsored by Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization
Co-Sponsors: Crime Victims with Disabilities Initiative,
San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness &
Poor Magazine

For more information call Leroy Moore at
(415) 586-2047 or
Scent free environment!


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