Sea Change and Challenges

telljoe - Posted on 22 May 2011

Hello all, its's Joe. I haven't written anything in more than a month. Since the rapture has not happened I thought that writing a few words from me was way overdue.

If you've seen me on the web tv (real fat black guy) I don't smoke stogies so apologies for the slight gray tented shorts. I had left, gone to Colorado for a month and enjoyed my stay before foolishly returning to grab my passport which was thought not needed before I left. Then with money spent I couldn't return for Beardance, roundance, and drumming by the Southern Ute. I'd mention other tribes but don't want to lump all tribes together.

Other Nations had different traditions, cultural stories, and customs and I don't want to be an ugly American. Just because I'm ignorant of customs does not mean I'm not capable of learning customs and cultures of people's after all my forefather's had to learn or die out as slaves in chains brought to this land of so called milk and honey.

I've made many friends and have chosen a small town to live in and though I'll miss many folks in San Francisco I know it is a place I can no longer reside in. This is a huge Sea change in my life. Also the challenge is to live an abundant life without the many trappings of a teeming metropolis.

This coming from a man born and partly raised in New York City, and later Oakland, Berkeley, on the border of Hayward and San Leandro then finally San Francisco. A one bedroom cottage/house or apartment with kitchen,restroom, and maybe laundry (don't expect to get the latter) but all the rest to me plus enough money for rent and steady employment as housesitter/caretaker, car driver, courier, dishwasher, maybe as a d-j on radio probably volunteer at the station after an internship.

A car to drive to various cities, churches, and other social events. Yes and dating also. I've found many date sites a few are really raunchy,dirty, and positively filthy along with sedate less bawdy, sexually explicit sites. (I know what a few are thinking) "Go for the quiet ones Joe, slower paced less pressure." Yeah, right-no I've always been uneasy with women though the few times when they have shown interest lets say some special ones shock and awed me when I was much younger.

And if any readers have read my past columns this is no time for easy-does-it. Most of the really bad sites I will show my mug on and get rejections over and done as for the rest I won't mind visiting or being visited by lots of voting age and more mature women as long as no games are played and we can Meet-Greet-Eat-Speak, and after pre or post do our mutual Double- Back-Beast. Love is wondrous, miraculous, and spiritually uplifting when two souls truly meet. However as an actor answer to another actor's question in "Good Luck Chuck" asks "What is love without sex?" "Its Sex, It's Just Great Sex."

Gentlemen and Ladies love has already taken its time with me so at the moment I'm going with the great sex and less worries about the vagaries of love and romance. I may have misquoted both actors but you get my drifts (young adult women and more mature experienced women) Romantic love is icing on the cake. All I'm sayin' is GIVE ME CAKE! icing not needed. If I've offended anyone... too bad, don't read my columns if pretty set pieces is what you want.

As many of my friends in Colorado have said "LIFE IS NOW." I just want to get on with and really get-it-on and enjoy a few soft feminine human's and pray they get exactly as much joy from me as I aim to give freely to them. I'm just living my life, hope to have a partner one day to share it with but if not; the next best thing is to give joy to those who as I are starving for joy and are energized from-by it. I hope this is publishable but if not its alright my columns are an eclectic mix and mess of my thoughts on many things but this time It had to be earthy, fleshy, blue-veined-bosomy if you take my meaning literally, Life is Large, I need to be deep within it. Whatever metaphors you see in my words is how I live my life.


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