Just Becuz I'm a Asian

root - Posted on 09 July 2001

by Bao Xiong

Just becuz i'mm a Asian doesn't mean u have ta be racist

Just becuz i'mm a da color brown doesn't mean i have ta get down

Being what i am ish just how it ish

I luv being the color brown and i'll always be true

And never let mah people down

Just becuz I'm Asian and i don't date other races

That doesn't mean i'mm a racist

I luv other race and they are mah peeps

And i will always be their homies

Just becuz i'mm a Asian doesn't mean i'm let each and every one of yah go

I have respect foe yah

Just becuz we are all different color doesn’t mean we have ta hate each other foe life

I luv mah self and i will never put mah self down

I luv all the thangz i do

I luv who i am

i thanx god foe taking meh

and making meh come into this world

But Just becuz I'mm a Asian doesn't mean u have ta hate meh....


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