From Devils Tower to San Francisco Peaks - The Desecration of our Sacred Sites Continues

Tiny - Posted on 11 August 2011

Philip Standing Bear/Indigenous Peoples Youth in Media Correspondent


Who out there likes to ski or snow board in snow made out of wastewater?  That is exactly what Snowbowl, a major snow making company, wants you to do. They are cutting through the San Francisco Peaks, a sacred religious indigenous site located in Flagstaff AZ, to lay wastewater pipeline directly through the Peaks. That means digging, excavation, proper grading for the pipeline. I wonder if they even have a purification system in order for there to be clean snow. Not only has the San Francisco Peaks been a sacred place for  many nations for many years, but it also attracts those who have money and want to make more.


For years people have used this land for climbing, hiking, skiing, and a many of other activities. But the San Francisco Peaks are not the only lands that are being desecrated and disturbed because of the power of paper. When someone wants to have something built somewhere all he/she has to do is flash some paper or “money”. All this situation is about is a money flow issue.


Just like the issue of Devil’s Tower, another sacred indigenous site located in Crook County Wyoming, my Lakota ancestors have migrated there for many years during the summer solstice. We regard Devil’s Tower as a sacred relic of extreme importance. Now the National Park Service wants to say that there can be no “voluntary” ban on climbing during the month of July. Because it is a constitutional right to climb Devil’s Tower, (whenever that was made into law) we no longer have the right to privacy over our ceremonies. All we have been asking for was privacy over our traditions during one month in the year.  I am not against climbing on Devil’s Tower, I only oppose the issue of Traditional privacy. Let’s take the Sun Dance, for example, if a non- traditional person were to see a young brave putting hooks into his chest, they would think he was crazy! But for the traditional eye, self- mutilation is a rite of passage for young men.


Now they want to lay waste to yet another traditional site. . .


Using waste water to make snow. . .  Waste water is just another term for water that is probably contaminated with anything from minor bacterial infections, to life-threatening diseases.  Isn’t there another word for that:  Biological warfare. You willingly, arrogantly press the issue of an important pipeline that absolutely has to run through the San Francisco Peaks, just to make snow  infected with diseases? That is almost like passing out blankets among the native peoples of Turtle Island, knowing that blankets were popular and that they were infected with smallpox.


I want to say thank you Klee Benally, and those fighting with Indigenous Action and all of those who are fighting for our ancestors. I now know why you fight.  Just because we have had everything taken from us doesn’t mean that we have to stand for it. That doesn’t give us an excuse to give up and say that we don’t know who we are. We do know who we are and you can’t take that from us, we will never let you have it.


This land is ours and I will see it returned to us, until my final breath I will not give up hope on fighting for what is rightfully ours,


With Respect,

Philip Standing





...hooks into his chest, they would think he was crazy! But for the traditional eye, self- mutilation is a rite of passage for young men."
Apparently, Phil, you're not aware of what goes on in tatoo shops all over the world, every day.

And extreme body modifications such as those depicted in Fakir's book, "Modern Primitives", is SOOOO accepted by American mainstream culture?

Oh, and miss the point of the article much?

Look, if you're going to hate in the comments, figure out something to say that's not so ASININE, 'kay?

When you have shows on the cable networks like "L.A. Ink," you can't claim that it's exactly avante garde, now can you?

...if the water passing through were clean, the pipeline would be OK,right?

"WASTEWATER", not clean water. Look it up.

good job

"Bab News?"


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